Zakk Wylde’s “Wylde Audio” and Schecter Guitar Research Sign World-Wide Distribution Deal



The Berseker Goes World-Wide
Early this year, following years of cranking out crushing, grooving riffs on bulls-eyed and battered Gibson Les Paul Customs and Marshall stacks, Zakk Wylde surprised us all with the unveiling of his brand new company, Wylde Audio. The guitar-based internet buzzed as sneak peaks of Wylde Audio’s guitar and amplifier lines, with shapes and graphics highly evocative of the gear he had been closely identified with for years, were leaked. But many also wondered what the catalyst behind Wylde Audio is. Why is Wylde moving away from the gear that had generated the songs and sounds that made him such a titan in the heavy music world?

Now, Wylde Audio is back in the news with the announcement that Schecter Guitar Research will be the brand’s world-wide distributor. Wylde’s influential and iconic style has garnered fans across continents and generations, and all signs to point towards a very successful venture for Wylde’s signature brand. He deserves it; on top of being a ferociously talented musician, Zakk Wylde also comes across as a down-to-Earth guy who loves music like crazy and relishes the chance to share the ideas and wisdom he’s gained from years of producing ground-breaking guitar music.

But it’s really hard for many of us to separate those years from his bullseye and bottle cap Les Paul Customs and Marshall stacks. Why aren’t Gibson and Marshall still in the picture in some way? Make no mistake, this isn’t a dig on Schecter’s involvement at all. In fact, the aesthetic we’re seeing in Wylde Audio’s guitar models fits in pretty well with many stalwarts in the Schecter line.

Was it strictly business? Maybe a clean break from Gibson and Marshall is seen as the best way for Zakk’s new company to stand on it’s own? Zakk, ever the straight-shooter, has been nothing but gracious when speaking about Gibson and Marshall in the wake of establishing Wylde Audio. It could anything, or nothing at all. But we here at love dabbling in a bit of speculation now and then, and we’re more than happy to provide you, dear reader, the platform to do a little theorizing of your own.

We’re looking forward to checking out the Wylde Audio line, which will be at Winter NAMM 2016. Who knows, maybe will even gain a little more insight into the origins of Wylde Audio while we’re there? Stay tuned to find out!

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