Your VIP Pass To the Industry

Your VIP Pass To the Industry

ThumbGuitar Gear Tech Talk Helps Keep You And Your Guitar In Tune PLUS Something Cool Diamond Guitars is Doing That You Should Be a Part Of


We here at have been fortunate to make a lot of friends in the gear industry and we’re always happy to help connect our readers with them, be it through specially arranged TTK Killer Deals, exclusive sneak-peaks at NAMM, or having them drop by TTK’s monthly webcast to talk about what’s new.


perks 1One thing that is especially proud of is the feature “Guitar Gear Tech Talk.”  This specially focused webcast is sort of like a “TED talk” for gear aficionados.  But it’s way more than just a monthly how-to column from a guitar magazine brought to life; it’s a seminar on how our gear comes together and how were can make the most of it.


And your instructor is none other than Jeff Diamant, CEO of Diamond Guitars and Diamond Amps. is proud to call Jeff a long time friend, and we’re especially proud of the opportunity to get Jeff on the line, where he shares with us his vast knowledge and insight into the world of gear.  And it isn’t a one-way discussion or a dry lecture .  G2T2 sessions have ranged from special guest appearances from the likes of signal chain guru Bob Bradshaw to pop quizzes with a range of cool prizes provided by Diamond.


So yeah, it’s hard not to dig a guy who devotes a lot of time and resources to the cause, but Jeff really is a cool guy to boot (even if he was a lawyer at one point :::rimshot:::  Sorry, Jeff, couldn’t resist throwing in a cheap lawyer joke!).  Check out some old G2T2 bull sessions and start tuning in, and we’re sure you’ll agree.


And while we’re on the subject of Diamond and cool stuff, we learned during TTK’s April 24 webcast that Diamond recently kicked off a very ambitious project that you should support.  The goal is simple: get guitars into the hands of kids in all 50 states by sending out instruments to music schools and programs, as well as smaller music shops competing against massive “big box” stores with seemingly unlimited resources.


The Diamond Kickstarter project also gives you the chance to score a TTK-2 model, a sweetly tweaked Diamond Halcyon model guitar with special appointments that make it totally TTK, including his trademark crown logo inlayed at the first fret and a burst finish on the back of the neck.  There will be 18 TTK-2s produced, and if you pick one up through Diamond’s Kickstarter, you’ll get it at a special price, along with a killer hardshell case.  Once the Kickstarter project ends, you may have to fork out a few extra bucks for it, and the case won’t be included.  TTK and Jeff really want get this project fully funded; that’s why they’ve sweetened the deal so much.


perks 2“It’s our way of giving back a little bit,” TTK said during the webcast.


This author has put his money were his mouth is and has thrown some shekels into the hat.  I’m lucky.  As far as I know, the guitar didn’t necessarily save me from a life of crime or pull me off the edge of a bridge, as it certainly has for some people.  But it has been an amazing force in my life.  And since my kid’s school recently held a huge fundraiser to help start a music program*, Diamond’s project definitely resonated with me.


As of this writing, Diamond’s Kickstarter has collected 59 backers and has raised just under $13,000, just over one-third of the $35,000 goal with 23 days to go.  Also as of this writing, eight of ten TTK-2s remain (and man, I’m really tempted to make that number lower).  Hell, if the Halcyon isn’t your thing, there are special, Kickstarter-only runs of the Hailfire, Renegade and Monarch models that will definitely catch your eye.  And since it’s for a good cause, the spouse won’t mind.  Maybe get two.  It’s for the kids.


If you’re a little short on funds, there are plenty of other sweet rewards packages that Diamond is offering to say “thank you.”  Either way, this is a great cause, put out by a great company that has done great things for and it’s readers.  Readers, let’s do what we can to put Diamond over the top and send some inspiration to kids across the U.S.


* Thankfully, we met the goal.  I’m also proud to say that my wife and I made a strong showing during the silent auction portion of the fundraising gala.  In the interest of fairness, the open bar probably deserves some credit for that.

Visit the Diamond Kickstarer Campaign by clicking here.


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