Top 5 Guitar Accessorize! Picks, Straps, Strings, Cables & More!

Top 5 items any guitarist should consider! In the order of the video: SUBSCRIBE for MORE VIDEOS like this!

1) Volume & Tone Leather Guitar Straps : the strap shown is THE SIGNATURE GUITAR STRAP WITH GROMMETS. Check them out at :

2) V-Picks. One of my favorite picks is their Phil Keaggy. So, working with Vinny, we put together a TTK-V, which is basically a red Phil Keaggy pick in Red Rocker Red! A Trushack fav is the ‘Ghost Rim’. You can visit them at

3) If you can get RED picks that match your motif, how about your cleaning supplies too? Clean your instrument with Roadie Rags. Both in 2 tone, or solid color – they get the job done with a unique ‘hand in’ approach – perfect for 2 reasons:
(a) Those who simply want to give their guitars the white glove treatment, or (b) Those who want to polish with one side, and do something like clean the strings with the other side.
Visit Roadie Rags at

(4) If you care about your axe, you probably also care about your tone. Why not accessorize with a proven leader in guitar cables : Analysis Plus, originally introduced to me by friend Robert Baker.
Analysis Plus are ‘scientifically verifiable’ proven to be the best sounding cables. The one shows in a Genesis Pure in 15′. I’m not going to lie. The red had me at hello, and given that this VLOG is about accessorizing … why not accessorize with the best!
Visit analysis plus at :

5) While we’re on the topic of RED … how about some RED strings, for your Diamond TTK-2 or Acacia Hades in Lava Fade? Or, how about some White Strings for my Acacia Pro Series? Nothing says loving like a coated string that matches the guitar (and the cable!) Luckily DR Strings makes these awesome strings. You can visit them at

Cherry on Top : A bonus in the Accessory department are Jack Racks. Found at :, you can find your favorite amp, and accessorize your house to show your support. You’ll (a) impress your friends, (b) give your girlfriend the thumbs up or thumbs down test, or (c) piss off your wife. Your choice!

That’s it … Thank you, ENJOY & Rock ON!

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