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TC Electronics took a look at the other loopers on the market and figured something out: They have way too much shit. To answer the call for a simple looper that does one thing, and does it damn well, TC created the Ditto Looper. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days, TheToneKing.com took a look at the Ditto Looper to see how many times we can repeat ourselves.

TC has been at the forefront of guitar pedal technology since before I was born. They’ve always been interested in creating the cleanest and purest tones possible. To this day, TC pedals have been the go-to pedals for guitar players from every ilk. Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country; hell, I’m sure there’s somebody out there using a TC pedal on their Bajo Sexto.

TC’s Ditto Looper is about as bare bones as you can get. Designed from the ground up specifically for guitarists, the Ditto Looper does one thing: It loops. That’s it. It does one thing. But, it sure as hell does a lot of it.

With the Ditto Looper you have up to five minutes of looping time, which is more time than any sensible person really needs. But, for those of you who are interested in testing your audience’s patience, then feel free to unleash 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes of looping musical fury. But, let’s face it. Even if you’ll probably never need that much looping time, it’s still pretty cool to have.

The design of the Ditto Looper is elegantly simple as well. The Ditto Looper has one knob. Well, many of us have one knob. Some none. But, TC was kind enough to give you another one to play with. And, playing with this knob will give you the satisfaction of increasing or decreasing the level of your loop volume. If you want your loop to add a certain nuance to your song, then turn the knob down. If it needs to be up front, blast the hell out of it. I’ve explained level to you guys before, and you really should understand the concept by now.

How many times can you loop on the Ditto Looper?


TC has ensured the rest of the world that they will run out ideas for overdubbing before the Ditto Looper runs out of space. Sounds like a challenge to me. So, if you’re looking to looping every part of a 50-piece orchestra playing Beethoven’s Overture to Prometheus, you can do it with this pedal. And, to do so will garner the respect of everybody on YouTube. Especially, if you could also tell them who Prometheus was.

Other than the one knob, the only other control on the Ditto Looper is the footswitch. Instead of just being an on/off toggle, the footswitch controls so much more. One tap will record. After you’re done recording, tap again to play the loop back. While the loop is playing, tap again to overdub. Then tap again to overdub again. Then tap again to overdub again. Then tap again….

…I think you get the point.

Don’t like what you’ve recorded, then pres and hold to undo. Then, press and hold again to redo. If you just want to stop the loop, tap twice. After you’ve stopped, if you want to clear everything off, just tap and hold. This is what we call intuitive. TC has always been great at making their pedals easy for players to figure out on the fly and the Ditto Looper is no exception.

True Bypass has become the industry standard for pedals, but the Ditto Looper also offers Analog Dry-Through. What that means is that when the pedal’s engaged, your dry sound still passes through without being converted to digital. Your tone stays your tone even if the pedal is on. Let’s not forget that this pedal is so small that you might mistake it for your cell phone.

Everybody knows that TC Electronics makes great stuff. It’s hard to argue otherwise. By building a looper pedal from the ground up, they’ve made sure to make an affordable, compact pedal without all of the useless fluff. We here at TheToneKing.com will always have a spot on our pedalboards for TC. Luckily, the Ditto Looper wont take up much space.


For prices on the Ditto Looper or any TC Electronic gear, check out: Sweetwater.com

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Unboxing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clCejE2Dsk0

Official Full-On Demo & Reviewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_MMK13LD0

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