Signature Series Bass & Guitar Gear – Traben Greg Weeks, Kustom John Moyer, Peavey Iommi & A. Smith

PLEASE READ : All – In effort to kick off some bass coverage, this was my attempt at trying to deliver something cool. I know my timing is off, and to be honest – I was a little unprepared for this, BUT – I am about keeping it real – so I’m releasing the vid. I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully – it will give you some creative ideas!

AND – BY THE WAY – I am using LOTS of signature series gear here :

Greg Weeks from The Red Chord – signature series Traben Bass.

John Moyer from Disturbed Kustom KBA16 bass amp.

AND … I am using a vintage Peavey TubeFEX. This was SUPER HOT back in the day. Artists like Tony Iommi endorsed it, and folks like ADRIAN SMITH from IRON MAIDEN STILL USE IT!! The preset selected was the ‘Brown’ sound (EVH), so that’s the guitar tones being pumped into the Kustom Tube 12A combo!

Everything is mic’d up (SM57s), etc.

I hope you like it. Please comment & subscribe! Thanks again, and as always, THANKS for your support, signed – TTK

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