No Joke: P.o.B. Lets the Tone Do the Talking


P.o.B. pedals have long fascinated and impressed us here at In a world where handwired pedals can command a premium, P.o.B. puts the same high-quality work and high-quality components under the hood while keeping the prices within the realm of the affordable. The owner, Sargon Beblis, also epitomize the term “personal service.” TTK worked with Sargon on his very own pedal, The Joker, and you can do the same, specifying everything from the color, knobs, jack placement, LED color, and, naturally, the personality of the tone. As nice as many hand-wired pedals are, who else is giving the player that level of design control?



Apparently, Sargon is a low-key guy, because P.o.B. doesn’t have the traditional sort of web presence you might expect from an effects builder. So, we here at are happy to do a little bit of the heavy lifting and let the gear world know about P.o.B. So, get your dream pedal together, and then drop P.o.B. line. You’ll be glad you did.


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