NAMM 2014: Singular Sound BeatBuddy

beatbuddy_angleWe at love Drummers, but they can be a a pain in the ass. Drunk, crazy, and always need a ride somewhere. I’m not saying that they’re completely useless. I guess the world will always need someone to deliver pizzas. (Just kidding guys)

But, where can you find somebody who’s going to deliver sick beats and not have to borrow money after every practice? Enter the BeatBuddy: The first guitar pedal drum machine.

Drum machines can be clunky, hard to transport, and even harder to figure out. It’s the plug and play ease that makes the BeatBuddy the go to drum machine for guitarists. Plus, the BeatBuddy is the size of a standard pedal and mounts directly onto your pedalboard.

The BeatBuddy also allows players to control changes, fills, and accents while you’re playing. Unlike a drummer, the BeatBuddy will always know when the chorus is coming by a simple tap of your toe. Win every argument on where to put that sick double-bass fill with the BeatBuddy. Another tap of your toe and launch that double-bass fill wherever you feel like.

The bright 1.8″ LCD display makes it easy to read on dark stages and the Volume, Tempo, and Drum Set knobs let players make last minute adjustments  easily.

The BeatBuddy is completely customizable with the included computer interface software. Either load your own beats, or download one of hundreds of different beats, mix and match to your liking, and you’re ready to hit the road.

David Packouz, the well-chiseled man behind the BeatBuddy, has launched an indiegogo campaign to raise funds to manufacture and launch the BeatBuddy. They reached their goal of $25,000 in less than 20 hours. But, there’s still time to get in on it and get a BeatBuddy for $130 bucks less than the retail price!

Check out the video below!

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