Line 6 M13 Switching Capabilities

Okay – Boys & Girls … REMEMBER – there are 2 kinds of effects …  

1) Those that go into the front of your amp, like overdrive pedals

2) And those that go into the FX Loop of your amp (like chorus, reverb & delay).

For reference on this … check out this video :

Now – with that said, if you are looking for a multi-FX unit, the #1 question you should ask yourself  … (drum roll please) …

Does the unit allow you to split the signal path, giving you the option to feed some FX into the front of the amp, all while allowing it to feed other FX units through the amp’s FX loop?

NOT all units allow for this functionality.  Some units allow for this (like the Line 6 M13), and others do not (like the Boss ME50 / ME70 units).

Since a picture is worth 1000 words … this is what it would look like hooked up:


The M13 also allows you to patch in external pedals.  Here’s the hook-up for that :


So … before you drop the bucks … make sure the multi-fx unit you choose does what a true pedal board is supposed to do, which is have flexible switching / routing capabilties! 

Thank you, and ROCK ON, signed, The Tone King!

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