Knowledge ‘Bout the Rock(board) – Rockboard Has Cooked Up Some New Products You Need To Know About

We here at know our regular viewers and readers can drop plenty of knowledge about Rockboard already. In particular, y’all know that just when we all think Rockboard can’t top themselves anymore, they go out and do it.


But we’ll bet a shiny nickel that you might not know about all of the things they make. Now, don’t go digging into your pockets to settle up; instead, read on and find out how you Rockboard has all of your pedalboard needs covered in ways you weren’t previously aware of. We’d rather you keep that nickel and put it towards elevating your pedalboard game!


Two (Point One) For The Road

For 2019, Rockboard offers a new set of choices to keep your pedals out of harm’s way while the travel from studio to stage to rehearsal and back home again. Rockboard’s new DUO 2.0 and DUO 2.1 boards offer excellent bang-for-the-pedal-real-estate buck. Designed for those of us (yup, this writer included) who dig lean-and-mean pedalboards, the DUO 2.0 and 2.1 provide enough room to rock anywhere from three to seven pedals (depending on their sizes), respectively. The DUO 2.0 gets a rugged, lightweight gig bag and the DUO 2.1 jet-sets in a premium ABS molded case for even more protection without a lot of excess weight. Both boards are great new additions to an already stellar Rockboard line!


This writer won’t go into details here, but they are priced extremely competitively. Definitely head on over to Rockboard’s web site to see what I mean!


Blinded By The Light

This writer recalls a time, probably in the early 2000s, when bright, colored LEDs started taking the pedal world by storm. With most major pedal manufacturers sticking with red LEDs, blue, green, white, and other colors were just another eye-catching way for smaller builders to differentiate themselves from the big boys.


But while some of them are eye-catching, many of them are eye-frying as well. On top of that, they can actually play havoc with your pedal awareness on stage; if you’ve got a bright white LED burning away, it can actually be more difficult to tell what other pedals are engaged.


But Rockboard stands athwart lighthouse-strength LEDs, yelling “hey, turn it a down a bit will ya?” with their Rockboard Damper LED covers. Forget that you didn’t know Rockboard made such a thing, you might not have even known such a thing existed! And in two different sizes (8mm and 10mm)! Now you don’t have worry about aviators confusing your pedalboard for an airstrip.


Color Me Organized

Continuing on with their focus on helping musicians focus and streamline their pedal rigs, Rockboard also offers a very simple and effective color code rings for their Flat Patch angled cables.


I can hear the naysayer’s chorus already. “OK fine, but I can just go and buy a bunch of differently colored patch cables at Bert’s Guitar-O-Rama for blahblahblah.”


Sure thing, man. But with patch cables you get what you pay for. A Rockboard Flat Patch cable is built specifically to optimize both the sound of your pedalboard and optimize how the space on the pedalboard is used. Generic rainbow patch cables are built to be sold quickly and replaced often. So there you go.


Anyways, the color code rings designed for the Flat Patch cables are interchangeable, meaning that you can easily re-organize your set up by clipping and unclipping the color-coded rings as you rig evolves (which was probably in the last five minutes, if you’re anything like us!). So ditch the bargain cables and upgrade!


MIDI Flexibility Redefined

Rockboard also extends its superlative space-saving concepts to MIDI cables. If you’re running MIDI connections in any part of your rig, building a solid and reliable setup just got even easier. With the Rockboard FlaX MIDI cables, the plugs are able to be oriented straight, left or right Once you find the right configuration, you simply lock it down. It’s a great way to sort out any rat’s nests lurking in the back of your rack, MIDI-controlled amplifier, or other interfaces and makes things easier to troubleshoot should the need arise (though given Rockboard’s high standards, your cables probably won’t be the issue in cases like that!).


Just About Everything!

Look, if it has anything to do with a pedalboard, Rockboard probably makes it. Power supplies? Check. Power supply cabling and adapters? Yup. Snazzy LED pedalboard lighting? Of course. Patch bays? Heck yeah. Whether you keep it simple with “three pedals and the truth” or you need a large board that can support power-hungry pedals and multiple routing schemes on big, elaborately lit stages, Rockboard is a one-stop shop for any pedalhead.


Chances are good that Rockboard already has new and excting stuff on the drawing board this instant. You shouldn’t wait any longer, though. Now that you know the breadth of what Rockboard offers, you can build your dream pedalboard today!


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