Jet City Amplification, featuring designs by Soldano

Okay boys & girls – In case you haven’t already heard, Mike Soldano is at it again, w/ the new launch of Jet City – a new line of guitar amplifiers.


The lineup will include the JCA20H, JCA100H along w/ the cabs : JCA12s, JCA24s and the JCA48s.  Included are combos also : the JCA2112RC and the JCA5212RC.

I believe (and don’t quote me) … that the JCA20H is an affordable version of the Soldano Astroverb and the JCA100H is the affordable version of either the Hot Rod series or the SLO (which is really one in the same, w/ the exception of the hi-fi transformer found in the SLO).

We don’t want to forget the Jet City Amps PICO VALVE model, which was co-designed w/ Andy Marshall.

Jet City Amplification clearly picked up some of the best names from Seattle Washington (Mike Soldano and Andy Marshall from THD Amplification).

And, life wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a hot chick, representing the line … so here she is : 


So, what’s more exciting than the Jet City news?
Answer : the fact that The Tone King will be showing the amp line in full, and YES, TTK will be shooting it out.  In fact – TTK will shoot it out against the NEW Marshall MA Series Amp, which is Marshalls first affordable all tube head.
So, if you were unable to afford the good ol’ JCM series, or Vintage Modern – this is Marshall’s answer.

So, from a shoot-out perspective – you’ll have :
Soldano’s Jet City line versus the Marshall MA line.  Can’t wait for that!!!
Here’s the Marshall line-up :
Yup – you guessed right.  100w / 50w / H for head, and C for combo.
Okay boys & girls.  Stay tuned, b/c video coverage will follow!
And, for reference :


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