How Hard Is It To Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar?

Like with learning how to play any musical instrument, it takes hard work, dedication and time to learn to play an acoustic guitar to a good standard.


It can be harder to learn than the electric guitar as the strings on an electric don’t need to be held down as hard but don’t let that put you off.


How Long Will It Take To Learn?

This really depends on the amount of effort and time you put into learning to play. Should you practise daily and get into a routine then you should start to see improvements within the first few months.


To learn to play the acoustic guitar to a high standard can take years of practise, but like with all things in life the more you practise the better and easier it will become.


Start slow when you first begin to learn, before progressing onto chords and harder notes. Try not to get frustrated with the pace you are learning as it really varies from person to person how easily and how quickly they can improve with their playing.


How To Choose Which Acoustic Guitar To Buy?

With so many different styles and variations of prices you may be wondering which is the best acoustic guitar to purchase. There is no one real answer to that question as it really depends on your taste and your budget.


Prices can vary vastly for acoustic guitars, you could pick one up for as cheap as fifteen pounds or spend up to five hundred pounds. If it is your first acoustic guitar it’s recommended to go for a cheaper or mid range option, as when you improve you can always upgrade.


When choosing your acoustic guitar make sure it is made from high quality woods such as rosewood or spruce. This is important as will affect the sound quality from the guitar and its durability.


You could also look at buying a second hand acoustic guitar which will generally be a lot cheaper than buying brand new, just make sure to check the condition of the wood and the strings before paying any money out. If you are unsure what to look for and what prices a model should be, then do a little research online for tips and hints to buying second hand musical instruments.


Listen to Acoustic Guitar Songs

Sometimes you can find yourself getting stuck in a rut when learning a musical instrument so you need some inspiration to get you back on track. Listening to some of your favourite songs played acoustically with a guitar can really motivate you to get practising again.


If you find yourself getting frustrated or stuck in a rut, then take a break from practicing for a few days before returning with a better frame of mind. No practise is sometimes better than bad practise, so always take a break should you need to.


Buy Yourself Guitar Tuner

This should be one of the first things that you buy along with your acoustic guitar and one of the first things you learn how to do.


It’s no good trying to practise and improve your playing skills with an out of tune acoustic guitar. An electronic tuner, which is relatively cheap to buy, will make sure your acoustic guitar is always in tune and ready to start playing with.


Hire A Tutor

Some people learn best when they are shown by a professional or taught by a tutor. If this is you then look into hiring a tutor to help you learn and improve.


There are many private tutors available across the globe, and have a search online you are sure to find somebody in your area that offers lessons.


Online Courses

If you are struggling to hire a local tutor there are many online courses that can help teach you how to play the acoustic guitar.


Prices for these courses can vary so always shop around online first before committing to anything. Online courses can be a great tool for learning as unlike a private tutor you can use the online course whenever suits you and for as long as often as you want.


So if you are wanting to learn how to play the acoustic guitar quickly this could be a really suitable idea for you.


Exercise Your Hands

Playing the acoustic guitar can be a strain on your hands, wrist and fingers so try and exercise these muscles as often as possible by doing simple stretches.


When you first start to learn expect that these muscles may ache to begin with, as they are muscle groups not normally worked in your average day to day life, but after a few weeks or so the aches and pains should start to subside.


Practise Slowly

Try not to rush the learning process, take your time and really get to grips with the notes and chords you are working on before moving on. It’s better to go slowly but play everything correctly than trying to go at breakneck speed but playing badly.


Remember it’s not a race, so take your time and enjoy the process. You will of course make errors to begin with, so don’t beat yourself up or get too frustrated as over time with practise you will start to improve.


Try to practise as often as you can, daily if possible. Try and get into a routine where you practise the same time each day for the same amount of time. The more of a routine you get in the easier you will find to stick to it.


Record Yourself Practicing

This can be a great motivational tool as by recording and then listening back to yourself you can hear what parts you are playing well and what parts that you struggle with and need more work on.


Also listening back to previous practice sessions can show you how much you are starting to improve which should inspire you to keep going.



The acoustic guitar is a wonderful instrument to learn and although may take a long time to fully master, it’s most definitely worth all the effort.


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