Hear Just How Good You Sound – TASCAM headphones deliver premium performance without the premium price tag

One of this writer’s COVID lockdown resolutions was to get better at home recording and music production. While I’m certainly no Bob Rock or Mutt Lange, I’ve definitely become a lot more comfortable and confident using DAWs, plug-ins, different miking techniques, IRs, emulations and all that good stuff.

Certainly one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that you really need to be able to hear what it is you’re recording and producing. Much like the way we often hear our instruments or amplifiers or pedals, it’s not just about volume. It’s tonality. Transients. Harmonic “air.” Attack. Dynamics. Separation.

At every stage of a project, from laying down tracks to balancing levels to mixing to polishing a final product, a great set of headphones is a must. Earbuds or vintage Walkman headphones ain’t going to cut it; you need a set of “cans” that provides proper isolation from outside noise, a broad frequency response range while not coloring the sound and a higher level of durability to ensure years of reliable use. When you find a set of studio headphones you love, you’ll want to keep them around for a long time!

Shopping for studio headphones can be a confusing exercise, but it needn’t be. If you’re anything like us here at TheToneKing.com when you think of recording technology, you immediately think of TASCAM, and TASCAM has you (and your ears) covered.

TASCAM offers four studio headphone models with different specifications. All four are totally accessible price-wise, despite delivering the same quality and response as many “industry standards” costing several times.


The TH-02 and TH-05 are both designed around a proven, closed-back design that delivers the full-range of human-detectable frequencies and then some; 18Hz-22kHz for the TH-02 and 15Hz-22kHz for the TH-05. Both also provide approximately 98 and 95 dBs of sensitivity respectfully, well in line with many high-end audiophile headphones costing much, much more.

“Ok wait, second,” you’re probably thinking. Humans typically cannot audibly detect sound below 20Hz or above 20kHz, why does it matter if studio headphones can reproduce those frequencies? Simply put, that wider range helps further ensure accurate reproduction of those sounds we can hear. As well, some elements of a project may rely or be affected by those sounds we can’t hear, but are still sensitive. Things like presence, “air,” and sub-bass frequencies that are more felt than heard. Those are elements you’ll still have to contend with to make your project sound your best. Even if you’re going for the most affordable of TASCAM’s professional headphone line, you’re still getting that capability in the TH-02 and TH-05.

Speaking of sub-bass frequencies, if your project dips deep into the low-end of the audio pool, the TH-06 drills even deeper (and flies higher) with an overall response of 10Hz-26kHz. Djent away in these bad boys, they’re built to handle it as well as reproduce it in stunning clarity.


Finally, the top of the TASCAM line is the TH-07. This premium workhorse provides an even more expanded 10Hz-30kHz frequency range, approximately 100 dBs of driver sensitivity (on par with many pricier premium models), short and long detachable cables so you can sit at a desk with getting tangled up or take the headphones into a different space for recording, as well as a folding design that makes them extra easy to take on the go.

Plus, studio headphones are not only great for…err…the studio, but just as regular headphones for private listening. At least for this writer, they’re far more comfortable than earbuds on top of simply sounding better. So on top of the value you’re already getting from a pair of TASCAM studio cans, you’re also getting a nice piece of gear that will be useful for simply enjoying your favorite tunes or other entertainment.

While a lot of the recording, mixing and general production process seems to involve listening for issues or areas in need of tweaking (at least to this writer), it’s also fun and rewarding to simply listen and enjoy the fruits of one’s hard work. Hearing it with precision and clarity only heightens the experience and inspires one to write more, work harder, try new techniques and even shed some of the shyness that might prevent you from sharing it with the world. That’s value that just can’t be quantified in currency. A set of TASCAM headphones is the perfect fit for any studio, as well as your ears.

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