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What do you do when you’ve owned a shop for twenty years and can’t find a fuzz pedal that you like? You build one. That’s exactly what Pat Davey and the gang over at Goodtime Music did with the End of the World Fuzz pedal. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days, TheToneKing.com had a chance to check out this new fuzz pedal and see if can stand up to the big boys. 

You might remember Pat Davey from last month’s article “20 Years of Good Times,” or from helping out on TTK’s “On the Mark” series.

If not, here’s the rundown:

Goodtime music was started by Pat Davey and “Dr. Eddie” McLellan out of their love for gear 20 years ago. Every customer that comes to Goodtime Music knows at least this one thing about Pat; he knows his shit.

Pat’s been building rigs and pedalboards even before Goodtime Music opened, but the shop gave him an opportunity to take it to the next level. What followed was 20 years of building every pedal, amp, and switching combination that you can think of. During that time, Pat paid close attention to what kind of pedals players were looking for.

Pat got the ball rolling on the GTM pedal line after talking to Dave Friesma, a longtime friend and customer. Recently, Dave had started using his technical skills and meticulous attention to detail to build pedals in his spare time. After building custom rigs for players from every ilk for 20 years, Pat knew what players were looking for in their pedals, and he knew that Dave was the guy to make it happen.

Instead of creating some monster pedal that has fifteen different effects that all sound cheap, Pat and Dave decided early on that each pedal in the GTM line would give players one effect and have it sound damn good. Giving players the sound that they’re looking for without any of that excessive fluff that only tends to bog things down.

What followed was nearly a year of collaboration between Dave and everybody else at the shop, honing in on the sounds that would eventually become the GTM pedal line. Every week, Dave would bring in a prototype. Everybody would play it. Argue for several hours amongst themselves. Then, Dave would go back to the drawing board.

While all of the pedals are selling like mad, the End of the World Fuzz has quickly become a favorite for customers at the shop. Some liked them so much that they’ve bought two.

GTM’s End of the World is a modern spin on a classic “Muff” sound. Ideal for anything from the dark growls of Black Sabbath to the thick dark rumble of White Stripes to the grind of modern bands like Queens of the Stone Age. The pedal uses High-gain silicone transistor design with diode clipping and is powered by an industry standard 9 Volt center negative power supply. Machined aluminum volume, sustain, and tone knobs on a striking laser etched micro-size enclosure. Not to mention the thing is 100% hand wired and USA built.

Oh, and back to that micro-size thing. The End of the World Fuzz can fit in the palm of your hand. It gives you that big classic “Muff” sound in a little package. Hell, real estate ain’t cheap on modern pedalboards, and you can fit two of these tiny fuzz pedals in the space that it would take for any standard size pedal.

Pat Davey and Dave Friesma know what they’re doing. You don’t keep a guitar shop open for 20 years unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve. And, they’re pulling out some of those tricks on the GTM End of the World Fuzz pedal.

Who would know more about what players want than the retailers that talk to them every day? 20 years of experience and helping players get what they want are all built into the GTM “End of the World” Fuzz pedal. It was cool to get a chance to see what an independent shop would come up with, and Goodtime Music didn’t disappoint. As we always talk about at TheToneKig.com, the industry is always changing. And, maybe GTM’s End of the World Fuzz is the start of a new trend.


For prices on the End of the World Fuzz Pedal as well as all GTM products, check out: Goodtimemusicstore.com


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Official Full-On Demo & Reviewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCj5kd1rmM

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