Gibson and Marshall’s Wylde Ride Have Come to An End: Zakk Wylde Announces New Guitar and Amplifier Endorsement

BLS Berzerker-in-Chief Zakk Wylde had the guitar-oriented internet talking after he announced a new guitar and amplifier venture called Wylde Audio right before Winter NAMM 2015 kicked off. In addition to a website, an Instagram account linked to the company is gave interested folks a handful of sneak peeks of guitars and an amp head.

It appears that the Wylde Audio line will closely resemble the Gibson guitars and Marshall amplifiers that Wylde has long been associated with.  The guitars definitely scream “ZAKK!”, with radical, flame-like sculpted cutaways and EMG pickups.  The amp, called the “Wylde Audio Master 100” is covered in white tolex and features a gold control face, visually reminiscent of a classic Marshall head.

Speculation was rampant the first couple days following the debut.  Are they simply re-branded Gibson/Epiphone and Marshall products?  Did Wylde have a falling out with the brands he’s been associated with for so long?  After a couple days of internet theorizing and gossip among the masses, Wylde boiled it down for Peter Hodgson at

zakk3I couldn’t have asked to be more truly blessed.  Marshall, Gibson, EV, Dunlop, everyone I’ve endorsed are like family to me and I’ve been with them forever, ever since I was with Ozzy.  i’ve been treated amazingly, like royalty, by everybody.  But to make an analogy it’s like like you’re a player for a team and then you become the head coach of the team when you retire, then you become the GM and then the next logical step is to be team owners.” –

Now, Wylde is pretty well known for being an unfiltered, straight shooter, so there’s no reason to suggest he and any of the companies he mentioned parted ways on a bad note.  But still, it’s fun to wonder about some of the real behind-the-scenes discussions.  Either way, it’ll be interesting to follow Wylde’s product line as it develops.  We’ll surely see more in the coming year.


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