Carvin Audio: Massive Capability at Minimal Cost

Carvin Audio really wowed us here at at Winter NAMM 2016, but that’s really nothing new.  Carvin Audio amplifiers and professional sound systems offer crazy-good value; the very popular V3 and V3M amplifiers cost less than some other amps that offer half as much capability. And don’t even get this writer started on the Legacy series (which, by the way, may see a new model added to it’s line in the near future.


Carvin Audio also does great work in the pro audio realm, and we were similarly fascinated by the company’s S600 portable P.A. system.  If you’re a working musician that regularly rehearses with other players, the benefits of owning a P.A. are hard to overstate.  I used to rehearse with a singer that sang through an old guitar practice amp.  Not ideal.  At all.  But a portable, easy-to-use package like the S600 series means that a working band has both a solution for rehearsals and those gigs where a P.A. may not be available which, unfortunately, is more common than one would think.


In fact, Carvin Audio could pretty much outfit the entire backline and P.A. of a working band and leave them with a few bucks left over to finally change the oil in the van.  If you want to hear the latest in Carvin action on TTK’s YouTube Channel, check out his review of the Acacia Hades.  He uses the V3M, and goes through all 3 Channels!  Enjoy & Rock ON!


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