Baroni-Lab: Checks Out Boutique Pedals From Italy

At, we’re all about showing you what’s new in the world of gear. Even if what’s new is half a world away. Baroni-Lab has been building pedals and amps out of Italy since the ‘90s. Now, they’re going global!

You might not know this, but The Tone King is 50% Italian. And, hell! Everybody loves Italian! So, when word about Baroni-Lab came down to us, we had to check them out.

Baroni-Lab builds refined boutique pedals and amps with one idea in mind: To recreate iconic sounds from some of the most influential guitar players from the ‘60s through today.

That’s no easy task.

But Baroni-Lab seems hell-bound and determined to do just that.

Pedals like the Moon Sound, Final Pig, and Wall Era are influenced heavily by David Gilmour’s sounds throughout the history of Pink Floyd. While pedals like the Rat’n Box, Rock’n Box, and The Screamer will bring you back to ‘80s bands like RATT or Motley Crue.

Taking a closer look, Baroni-Lab limits its pedal production to 16 models. Staying focused on a small number of pedals keeps them focused on quality instead of quantity. That being said, Baroni-Lab still manages to cover a lot of ground.



moon-sound_6Moon Sound: Recreating classic tones of the ‘70s, the Moon Sound finds inspiration from David Gilmour’s tones from the classic album Dark Side of the Moon

Final Pig: For this overdrive pedal, Baroni-Lab looks again to Gilmour. This time, they focused on his sounds from The Final Cut.

Wall Era: The third installment in the Gilmour trifecta, Wall Era is a distortion pedal that will give players tones from…well…  I think you can guess.

Tubeheart: One of many of Baroni-Lab’s tube driven pedals. Twin tube distortion drives this little fully customizable pedal.

Rounding out the Distortion Pedals, there’s The Screamer Rock’n Box, and Rat’n Box. All of which are built to focus on specific classic distorted tones.



tube-heart_8Light Sustainer: Pulling double duty as a sustainer/overdrive, this pedal is designed to give players the versatility to just give their tone a bit of a kick or a kick to the balls.

Dg Island: Some players swear by germanium, and we at aren’t going to argue. Neither are the guys at Beroni-Lab. For the germanium purists, they’re offering the Dg Island for warm vintage overdrive tones.

If it must be tube-driven, Tube Hard Color  and Tubes Tone Drive will make sure that every bit of your tone gets pushed through a vacuum, delivering that warmth that only tubes can provide.


Modulation and Time: 

the-chorus_6The Time: Two things are important with delays, versatility and repetition. The Time strives for both. Just a bit to color solos or crank all your knobs to get some really wacky sounds.

The Chorus: Big hair and even bigger choruses. Those are the two things I remember most about the ‘80s. This pedal will give you one of those things. When it comes to the hair, you’re on your own.

Miss Flanger: Warm and smooth are what Baroni-Lab promise from this little guy. Easy to use but still versatile enough for players to find their own unique sound.





Dave’s Comp: For a player that knows what the hell he’s doing, a good compressor can really make a guitar sing. And Gilmour knew how to make his guitar sing. Modeled after Pink Floyd’s Wall Era tones, Dave’s Comp is versatile but will still deliver some classic tone.

Opto Comp: This comp walks the fine line between balanced sustain maintaining the overall color of the guitar’s tone.


Italy isn’t necessarily the first country that you think of when it comes to gear. But, knows that cool gear can come from anywhere. Now that Baroni-Lab is going global with the pedals that they’ve been building for the past 20 years, we’ll see if they can make their mark in the world of gear and put Italy on that map.

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