Backstage Jobs : Meet Guitar Tech Benjamin Dmitruk for bands COLD & Egypt Central

Folks, not too many people get to go back stage, let alone talk to the techs that make it happen, night after night. I was very fortunate to get some coverage w/ Guitar Tech Benjamin Dmitruk who is teching for bands COLD & Egypt Central.

Specifically, he is the tech for Cold Guitarists Zach Gilbert & Drew Molleur, as well as bass player Jeremy Marshall. He is also teching for Egypt Central guitarist Jeff James. Benjain is one cool dude fo sho that really knows his job well!!

Some links for your viewing pleasure :
– Benjamin on MySpace :
– Drew Molleur on MySpace :
(In addition to what I already noted … they’re also both in a band called Bad Axis)
– Cold :
– Egypt Central :

Hope you enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’!

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