30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: ScreaminFX 1954 Transparent Fuzz



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The effect called “fuzz” is basically a giant smorgasbord of tonal goodness. There may be no other effect in the market that varies so widely, from buzzy and bright to fat and smooth to complete tonal anarchy that can only be described by onomatopoeia.

But for all of the great dynamic fun a fuzz effect can add to your rig many fuzzes, as a byproduct of their designs, can be right ornery bastards to work with. One famous fuzz kerfuffle is how well they play, or don’t play, with wah pedals.

ScreaminFX solves this dilemma with a switchable input buffer to get the best possible performance from your paired wah-fuzz setup. The input buffer helps preserve the vocal characteristics of the wah pedals sweep. You can really hear the difference the buffer feature makes in TTK’s review; with the buffer off, the sweep of the wah is stunted and flat. The throaty bawl that can make the hairs of on your neck stand up is pretty much smothered. With the buffer on, all that character and vibe is restored.

This is all great of course, but it’s of minimal value if the fuzz doesn’t sound all that great, right? Well, toss those fears out the window. The 1954 Transparent Fuzz takes much of it’s inspiration from the fuzz tones that were dominating the ’60s music scene, but it’s an original design that is incredibly versatile. From classic British-style blues sizzle to massive hoards of ’90s grunge to nuanced, harmonic grind that’s perfect for modern sounds, the 1954 Transparent Fuzz is a big, articulate fuzz with a wide tonal sweep that responds well to volume and picking changes. It also features gobs of output, which means that the user can roll back the fuzz and generate some conjure some sweet overdriven tones.

And not only does the 1954 Transparent Fuzz pop tonally, it pops visually; it just looks cool, with a rugged plexiglass front that lets players observe the innards. Even if you have a pedalboard the size of an aircraft carrier, it’ll never get lost. Just like your tone will never get lost, especially if you use a wah or active pickups; the ScreaminFX 1954 Transparent Fuzz puts great tones, combined with smart tonal tools, to keep your rig rocking’.






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