30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: Carl Martin 2Wah


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2Wah Or Not 2Wah? Definitely 2Wah! 

The humble wah pedal has seen a huge advance in design the past several years.  There was certainly variety in the world of wah back in the day, but tweakability wasn’t the norm.  Now, players have a ton options out there that offer fine control over the sweep and response and offer the ability to select among multiple voices. 

The good folks at Carl Martin are pushing this new norm into even more unusual territory with the supercool 2wah.  Within the traditionally-styled, rugged casing (topped with a classic chrome treadle), the 2wah offers two sets of voicing controls, an attack control, and the ability to switch between each mode on the fly via a cleverly implemented heel switch.  Green and Red LEDs let you know at a glance which mode is active.

We suppose that the “2” in the 2wah name refers to the two switchable modes, labeled “High” and “Low”, but the 2wah has a ton of tones lurking underneath the pedal.  Each mode, which is named for its frequency emphasis, has a three position selector that select among three different wah types inspired by classic wah tones.  Carl Martin suggests the Low mode for lead work and the High mode for rhythm, but either mode kills for sexy, sassy wah.    

The Attack control, located at the front next to the mode selector, functions much like a mix control would on a modulation effect.  Roll it up and the smooth, vocal wah sits front and center in your signal.  Roll it back, and the wah folds back into to your sound for a more subtle swoop.  So whether you like a big, throaty howl or syrupy, unobtrusive undulations, the 2wah can deliver.

And when you put a dude like Robert Baker at the pedal, you can really hear the 2wah soar.  The 2wah definitely has some classic DNA, but the ability to move between modes and bring the sweep front and center or woven deeper into your base tone are clever concepts that should put Carl Martin’s 2wah at the top of your wah-pping* list.

*  I spent a lot of time, on Thanksgiving, coming up with that brilliant pun, so hearty laughter is appreciated


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