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30 Pedals in 30 Days: Z.VEX Fat Fuzz Factory




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Some say that Zachary Vex is eccentric. They see a pedal named “Super Hard On” donning a Giant Gorilla poised to smash a guitar painted on the box, and they nervously remark, “Whhhaaattttttt?”  Skepticism quickly turns to admiration, though, and Mr. Vex is recognized as an innovator the moment that players plug into one of his pedals. has been following Z.VEX pedals for years, and for 30 Pedals in 30 Days we had a chance to check out the new Fat Fuzz Factory to see if being an eccentric is really all that bad.

The Fat Fuzz Factory is a take on Z.VEX’s flagship Fuzz Factory that features a sub switch that expands the bottom end to a bottomless pit. Well, almost. The pedal can “oscillate at much lower registers, giving it some very interesting thunder broom synth qualities.” With three sub levels, there’s more than enough bottom for everybody.

Z.VEX isn’t particularly shy about telling you how to work their knobs.

Although the five knobs are named for the paramters over which they seem to have the most control, please don’t hold us to it. They are controls for various operation levels and biases, and basically shape you a personalized fuzz.


When you’re twisting the Fat Fuzz Factory’s knobs, you’ll notice that the response shapes the overall tone of the pedal. So, a volume is not just a volume. A gate is not just a gate. Etc. For every parameter that’s adjusted, it affects the overall sound of the F3.

The Volume adjust the overall output level, but also can add some clarity by accentuating the mids.

fig7The Gate can be used to kill squeals, noise, hiss and buzz or to adjust the pitch of feedback. For those who think it’s a shame that anyone would waste some perfectly good noise, a twist to the left leaves the gate wide open so any hellish creature may be allowed to escape.

Comp can add attack with a move to the left. Shaking it to the right softens you up a bit right before it gives you a good pinch. And, just like the Gate, Comp can help you dial in that little bit ‘o’ feedback.

Drive adjusts distortion if you use it conventionally. But, if you’re looking to “drop bombs,” like my grandmother used to say, the Drive can be used to make your FFF even fatter.

Stab is aptly named, a knob that should only be touched by the fearless. Keep it below two if you can’t seem to get out of missionary. If you want to experiment a bit, try playing with this knob often. Just don’t do it in public.

Line 6

WARNING: Many “incorrect” settings on this pedal squeal. This may annoy the faint-hearted. If you use the example settings, you won’t get hurt. We don’t want to see anyone hurt. Don’t forget to memorize or write down your favorite settings. –Fat Fuzz Factory Owner’s Manual


Note the parenthetical. These settings are only “incorrect” insofar as they frighten more conservative players into a catatonic state. Some of the more adventurous would look at these settings as pushing the envelope. Hell! Some of these settings tell the envelope to go suck it.

Z.VEX’s Fat Fuzz Factory not only takes over where the original Fat Fuzz left off, it takes over where everything else leaves off. While it’s a great fuzz, the Fat Fuzz Factory is most interesting when you test the boundaries. That’s when you’ll start to build some unique sounds. Z.VEX is a one of a kind pedal for one of a kind players. If, like, you’re always on the lookout for some crazy shit, you might want to check out Z.VEX’s Fat Fuzz Factory.


For prices on the Fat Fuzz Factory as well as all Z.VEX gear, check out:

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Official Full-On Demo & Review

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