Outlaw Star: BC Rich Releases the Outlaw Series 6-, 7-, and 8-String

BC Rich has never been a stranger to metal. Part of this has been because of BC Rich’s propensity for producing exotic-shaped guitars that look as brutal as they sound – Kerry King wielding his King V will always be the quintessential picture of metal. So, it was bit surprising when at NAMM2013, BC Rich showed off their new, sleek Outlaw series.

outlaw_px3_2Check out TTK’s footage, here!

While many of BC Rich’s guitars have reached for the boundaries of wild guitar shapes, in comparison, the Outlaws are very bare bones. The BC Rich Outlaw series is a surprisingly classic looking guitar from the masters of metal beasts. Sure, they look sleek. But where’s the murder? Where’s the knife’s edge? Where’s the carnage?

But, bare bones don’t always mean bare tones. We here at TheToneKing.com wanted to take a closer look at the BC Rich Outlaws and see what’s under the hood.

The only thing more modest than the looks of the Outlaw series is the price. The Outlaw-6 has a street price of $299.99. While the Outlaw 7 is $349.99, and the Outlaw 8 will set you back $399.99. All of the guitars have 24-fret Hard Rock Maple necks bolted on to Mahogany bodies. Duncan Design Active HB-105 Pickups and Tune-O-Matic String Thru-body bridges round out the features of the Outlaw series.

No elaborate paint jobs. No eye-gouging exotic body shapes. And, that’s probably the point.sc208_zpsd63bc0ed

It’s no secret that the guitar industry is in a strange place. Sales, in general, are stagnant. With the number of guitars purchased in 2012 (-.9%) less than the year before, it’s clear that players are still reeling from the recession. The Outlaw series in this day is probably a welcome thing. You can get all the sound you want, and not have to shed a lot of bread to get it.

It looks like the BC Rich is also appealing to the kids with their Outlaw series. For those fans of Korn, Deftones, or any of those other 7- or 8-string slingers, the Outlaw series will put those songs within reach for the kid earning their living mowing lawns.

BC Rich will always be known for their brutal metal guitars. TheToneKing.com has had more than their own fair share of axes that look like axes. But now, BC Rich is looking to change things up with the Outlaw Series.

Sometimes, bare bones are all the bones you need.

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