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Is New Zealand on the front lines of innovative guitar effect pedals? If Red Witch has anything to say about it, the answer is “Hell yeah!” Probably one of their most popular pedals, the Violetta Delay is has a lot going for it for being in such a small package. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2014, TheToneKing.com had to hear what Red Witch Violetta Delay could do.

While the micro pedal thing has been spreading from one manufacturer to the other like wildfire, Red Witch was one of the companies that lit the match. Being pioneers in micro pedal technology wasn’t enough, and they’ve looked ahead at other innovations like Lithium Ion batteries that charge while your pedal is plugged in.

While Red Witch’s Chrome Series might be seen as stripped down versions of their main line, they’re a whole different ball game. The Violetta Delay is an example of how you don’t have to have a shit ton of bells and whistles to have a great sounding and efficient pedal.


Efficiency is important when you’re worried about plugging in and finding that your battery is no longer part of this world. Efficiency is important when you’re looking at your pedalboard that’s been burdened with cumbersome pedals. Efficiency is important when manufacturers sacrifice tone for “special features.”

The Violetta Delay takes efficiency to new heights while keeping the price tag grounded. Besides for the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery – which I can’t believe hasn’t become a mainstay in pedals already! – the Violetta Delay goes to 1000 milliseconds of delay time. Literally, that’s double what some of the most popular delay pedals are capable of doing. Also, incorporating a modulation effect that can be adjusted from a light shimmer to a full pitch shift. Slapback to runaway delay with repeats that can be controlled using an expression pedal output. The voicings on the Violetta are like watching “The History of Delay,” incorporating everything from country slapback to rolling off the top end they decay ala old school tape echo. Want to add a bit of hair to the decay, increase the delay length and give your sound that BBD analog tone. All locked inside of a brutal looking hardcore chrome housing.

If the Red Witch Violetta Delay is any indication, New Zealand may soon be known for Flight of the Concords AND making killer delay pedals. Instead of worrying about busying up the pedal with a slew of front end features that only drag down the original effect, Red Witch chose to keep true to the whole history of delay tones while improving everything in the back end. I feel like this bears repeating, but the Violetta Delay was a killer addition to TheToneKing.com’s 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2014.


[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzIY6sYn1XM’]

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOJy32E6mOs’]


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