FUNKY Rocktron 7 Deadly Sins Auto Wah & SWEET SPOT Fixed Wah : 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2012 : DAY 28


Get your FUNK on w/ Rocktron Wah (Fixed & Auto) Official 3P3D Page: FULL LINKS / DESCRIPTION BELOW (Scroll to See) Welcome to DAY 28 of 2012 30 Pedals in 30 Days Featured today is the ROCKTRON 7 Deadly Sins Auto Wah & the Sweet Spot Fixed Wah Rocktron: Pedal Line-Up: Auto-Wah: Fixed-Wah: – Special thanks to BUGERA for sponsoring 30 Pedals in 30 Days 2012! – Win a Bugera V55HD Head! Details here: – Bugera on Facebook: (LIKE) – Bugera on YouTube: (Subscribe) – Bugera on Twitter: (Follow) Did you know, Guitar Center now carries Bugera Amps? – Details on the 1960: – Details on the V55HD: – WHAT IS INFINIUM? – My 1960 Review: TTK on YouTube: (Subscribe) TTK on Facebook: (Friend for Behind the Scenes) TTK on Twitter: (Follow) TTK FORUM PAGES: ***PLEASE SUPPORT “The Future of Gear” on Indiegogo*** Winter NAMM 2013 NAMM2013 NAMM’13 NAMM13 Morley Gas Station

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  1. hotrodv says:

    The auto-wah has to be the best I have heard. I can see how it could take some pressure off of the player on stage under certain conditions.
    As usual, thanks for really showing off these pedals. It is hard to choose from a catalog when you don’t know exactly what you will get.
    Thanks TTK, and rock on! \m/

  2. hotrodv says:

    I gots ta say, the funk was pretty funkin’ cool! LOL! Keep the jam a-comin’, Brother! Later \m/

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