Boss Katana vs. Peavey Vypyr


Boss Katana vs. the Peavey Vypyr.

<<video below>>

Katana Key Features:

  • 5 Unique Amp Characters
  • Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown & Acoustic.
  • 55 Customizable Effects
    • with Boss Tone Studio software.


Vypyr Key Features:

  • Approx 55 Amp Models,
    • out of the box, ready to be played.
  • Over 500 presets available
  • More than 100 different models of
    • effects, reverbs, delays, and amplifiers.


Price Comparison:

  • Katana Mini $99 (7w 1×4)
  • Katana 50 $199 (50w 1×12)
  • Katana 100 1×12 $329 (100w 1×12)
  • Katana 100 2×12 $499 (100w 2×12)
  • Katana Head $349


  • VIP 1 $129 (20w 1×8)
  • VIP2 $199 (40w 1×12)
  • VIP 3 $299 (100w 1×12)
  • PRO $499 (100w 1×12)


Here is the back view of both.  The shot you typically don’t see!

Katana: Phone / Rec Out (1/4″).  Aux in.  USB.  Foot Control Jack.

Line 6

Vypyr: Power Sponge (attenuator), Speaker Defeat, Ground Lift, XLR Out, Effects Loop, Midi, Footswitch & USB.


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  1. Matt Dill says:

    Nice review. Would LOVE to see you compare the Katana to the Peavey Vypyr VIP-2 though (which I believe you have!) Plus the Katana 50 and VIP-2 match up identically cost-wise. And lastly I own a VIP-2 and have been looking at that Katana 50.. your input would really help in my decision making!!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. James Graham says:

    Honestly, if you played the Katana 100 and spent time with KatanaFXfloorboard you might think differently. I had Peavey Pro, found flawed MSDI with Hum couldn’t get it resolved so returned it. Now these are 499 I will think about getting one again, maybe.
    I like the VXII now and it was 109 new from Zzounds, I like the JamVox III software, which works with Katana also.
    Wonder why you would test the 50 when all Katana forums are pretty much saying go with the 100 or head. ?
    Thanks, you see should redo when you can with the 100.

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