Tips To Start A Guitar Teaching YouTube Channel In 2022

Tips To Start A Guitar Teaching YouTube Channel In 2022

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments out there. It has a ton of musical scores online, sounds beautiful, and is one of the easiest musical instruments for adult learners.

So, it does make sense that free online guitar lessons are extremely popular as well. For example, one of the best YouTube channels to learn how to play guitar, Marty Music, has more than three million subscribers. His first guitar teaching lesson got more than 9 million views.

Do you want to share online guitar lessons and get the traction you deserve? Here are some tips on how to start the channel, make videos, and grow your subscriber count.

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First Steps to a Guitar-Teaching YouTube Channel

Choose Your Name

Since you have to make an introduction in the video, the name is one of the first things you should come up with. Your other socials must have the same name as your YouTube channel. So if you already have a big social media account, you can use its name as a channel name. If not, you should come up with one and change all your socials accordingly. Do not forget to add the links of your other socials or website to the video and channel descriptions.

Find Your Setup

Your basic setup should include a camera and a microphone. Since you are a guitar teacher, a high-quality microphone is a bigger priority than a camera. It is an investment goal.

If you have a smartphone, you will likely be able to use your phone camera for good footage. Just make sure you choose a filming spot with a lot of natural light. If you plan to film in the evenings, you might need a better camera and some artificial lights.

Choose Your Tools

Filming is just a small part of what happens in YouTube guitar teaching. You will likely make mistakes and make numerous takes, especially when you are starting. Therefore, you require a good editing tool.

At the start of your career, it is not that necessary to work with pricy tools like Adobe Premiere. Basic tools like Movavi on Windows or iMovie for macOS will do. They are easy to learn and they give all the basic tools you might need for putting together a tutorial.

You will also need basic photo editing software for making a thumbnail and a YouTube intro maker. If you want to play around with sounds, it makes sense to research music production apps.

Growing Your Audience: Best Practices


You need to please both Google and YouTube search engines. Incorporate keywords in your video titles, descriptions, video tags, and a note you send to subscribers after uploading a new video.

If you want to find keywords, you can think about how you would word your search if you needed to find this material. Thereafter, you can insert our keyword in Google and look for related searches. However, it becomes much easier with YouTube SEO tools – they will list keywords on the topic themselves.

At the same time, it is important to remember that you are creating your titles and descriptions for the user, not for the search engines. Therefore, there is no need for keyword stuffing. Make sure that users will understand your titles and get excited about the videos.

Work On Other Social Media

It is not an easy task to promote your YouTube channel on the platform itself. It is a bit easier to get noticed on other platforms and send subscribers from there. Such social media as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter work extremely well. You can use hashtags, related groups, and collaborations to get noticed.

One of the latest trends on TikTok. It is straightforward to go viral there. Put the most interesting video snippets in there and mix them up with short TikTok-popular covers to get traction.

Be Responsive

The audience sticks around for guitar instructors that care about them: they answer their comments, respond to video requests (if the topic actually interests many subscribers), and accept feedback and improvements.

It will take some time to get back to all the interesting comments but it will create a loyal audience and skyrocket the number of comments. The latter influences statistics and pushes your video up.

You can also make small live streams on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram to speak to your audience in real-time.

Cover Popular Songs

If you want to have a niche audience of a specific genre, you are more than welcome to do so. In some cases, it is even easier to gain an audience while sticking to a specific music genre because the competition is much smaller.

However, if you aim to do really big numbers, it is important to track what songs are popular now and what your audience might want to learn. You can look at the charts or monitor whatever is popular on TikTok.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Since the guitar is a popular instrument, there are many channels dedicated to it. You may teach brilliantly but, likely, someone else has already prepared and explained it in the same high-quality way.

Therefore, it takes a personality to attract new subscribers. Do not hesitate to joke around and tell little snippets of your guitar stories to spark more interest. However, it is not the best practice to include long stories and the history of music, artists, or songs before the actual tutorials. It gets people frustrated, similar to family history before the actual recipe does.


YouTube is an exciting hobby that can build a community around you and your love of the guitar. As long as you are having fun, responding to your audience, and following basic SEO rules, you should be fine.



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