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The tone behind the BC Rich Warbeast Video Review


Thank you for watching my BC Rich Warbeast Video Review. Great looking and playing guitar. Full body, neck and headstock binding, w/ premium components : EMG 81, 85, Floyd Rose, Grover Tuners, ebony fretboard and a comfortable neck through design. It truly plays awesome, and looks killer. A must for anyone that’s into this demonic / weapon style of guitar.

If you like the tone – it was very simple and easy to accomplish. I plugged the guitar directly into a Vox Satchurator, into the clean channel of a Carvin SX100 amp. The Carvin amp sounds mediocre as a stand-alone amp, so I used the Vox as the ‘pre-amp / gain channel’ into the clean channel of the Carvin. I used a tiny bit of onboard delay, which thickened up the tone a bit. I have done several stand-alone reviews of the Vox – so be sure to check out my other video reviews to see how this pedal stacks up to other popular stomp boxes. They’re all up on my YouTube Channel :

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