Soldano or Bugera – Which amp is A, Which amp is B?

If you didn’t already watch the video, here is the link :

If you made it here, you must have watched the video.   

Rules : 

1) Did you ? 

2) Did you leave a comment? 

3) Did you like the video? 

4) Did you guess which was which? (scroll below to see if you were right). 

5) Which did you like better? 

Surveysays … 

Amp A – Soldano 

Amp B – Bugera 

Amp A – Soldano. Notice the settings : Everything on 12:00. AMP 


Amp B – Bugera. Notice the settings : Everything on 12:00. 


Mystery piece of gear to eliminate THE HUM : The Morley Hum Eliminator. 

wired : output B on ABY -> Hum Eliminator -> Input of Bugera


The Axe.  

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