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Ibanez JS24 Give-Away, PedalBoard Unboxing, Summer Tours & More! JUNE 2013 Webcast Playback


Enjoy this Playback of June 2013 Live Webcast. FULL DETAIL / INDEX BELOW.
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1) Many thanks to KORG for an AWESOME give-away in June. Congrats to all of the Korg Pitchblack Poly Tuner winners! Check the official page for the winner list:

2) Stay tuned for an AWESOME July Give-Away! TTK & Ibanez have teamed up for Joe Satch Sig Series Guitar Give-Away ~PLUS~ tickets to your choice of shows ~AND~ Meet & Greet with Joe himself!!!
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3a) Enjoy Story Time about How TTK Hooked up w Metal Marion! And, thanks for the warm welcome on her VERY FIRST INTERVIEW w Twiggy Ramirez!
– Interview :
– Who is MM ?

3b) Story Time on writer Daniel O – on how music today is much different than music yesterday. Too much compression, no headroom, not dynamic – and how iPhones are killing the relationship between the musician and the audience. Worth hearing about! Comment below … and stay tuned for this story!

4) PedalBoards :
– Awesome Unboxing of (drum-roll) … HoleyBoard, PedalBoards by Chemistry Design Werks:

– Awesome Unboxing of (another drum-roll) … PedalTrain, PedalBoards.

5) Stay Tuned for July Awesome Stuff. List of Videos & Content include:

Line 6

– Wrap up of Tube Video Shoot-Out Series: EL34, 6L6, KT88 in Bugera 1990, compliments of

– Carvin Guitar Build Continuation

– ESP / LTD George Lynch Signature Series Guitar Make-Over with CLEARTONE MONSTER HEAVY SERIES TREATED Guitar Strings:

– PedalBoard Videos (different PedalBoards for different applications)
– HoleyBoard:
– PedalTrain:
– Will include some Pedals by Pigtronix & P.o.B pedals

– Summer Tours, Interviews, Backstage & More!

Have a rockin JULY! Happy 4th of July! And, until next time … ROCK ON!!!
Sincerely, The Tone King

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