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History of PEAVEY : The Future of Gear : In Depth Look @ Hartley Peavey


Enjoy this warm hearted interview with industry leader, Mr. Hartley Peavey. Watch & learn about his single innovation he is most proud of (hint – over 180 of these items!). Learn about his philosophy on pricing, and philosophy on how to treat their dealers! Lawsuits? Nah, not Peavey! Learn how gun manufacturing influenced Peavey guitar’s building process. Simply said – they CHANGED the way guitars were made. They owe to no-one! Again, they owe NO money to anyone! Unlike his competitors that are in debt to the hilt, he owns 100% of his company, that bears his name! Learn about Big Box Stores and why there are inherent problems with that model (hint – Passion vs. The Banker). Music is about passion! Words of wisdom – Doing it ‘Just for the Money’ … you’ll fail! It’s not work, if you LOVE doing what you do! The FUTURE of GEAR … hear about Mr. Peavey’s strategy on keeping on top of the latest & greatest technologies out there, and WHY it’s so important for him to stay on top of these technologies. 48 years later – Mr. Hartley Peavey is stronger than ever before. Everyone that said he couldn’t do it, well, they were all wrong! He’s still here, alive & kicking. Leo Fender once said to Hartley Peavey “Don’t Ever Sell Your Company, because if you do – you’ll have to sit back and watch what happens”.


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