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Get In My Band is about supporting musicians in their dreams to build something epic.

–  Scott Olsen


How do you find a band these days?

Chances are, you’ve taken out ads in your favorite music rag, put up a flyer at a music shop, or relied on word of mouth. On top of that, you’ve still got the whole audition thing to go through. Now that you’re favorite music rag has all but disappeared, where do you go to get your name out there?

Friend of Scott Olson has devised a way for musicians to easily find each other at

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Get In My Band is the premier online resource and community. It’s a place where players can build a profile and use the bandmate match engine to find other musicians based on location, instrument, and style of music.

Building a profile is easy. You start by creating a Log In and password – or you can just sign in using your Facebook account – and you’re off running. Enter your location, axe, vids, clips, and pics in your profile and start looking for other players.

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Getting the perfect people in one room can instantly change music and the lives of those involved. Just think of the way Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Stevens felt the first time they played together – they had described it as instantly clear this was something incredible. Get In My Band is about creating a band chemistry that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

This is why the profiles include YouTube and SoundCloud clips. There’s nothing worse than hauling all of your gear to some dude’s house to find out that he’s still trying to learn the main riff in Enter Sandman. saves you time, frustration, and gas money.

Besides for being the Google for musicians, also keeps you up-to-date on the news that you wont hear anywhere else. Check out the interviews with The Tone King and Metal Master Ola Englund! The news also keeps you abreast of all the tips and tricks that you’ll need to find your tone. If there’s one thing that Scott knows about, it’s tone.

And, let’s not forget about the forums. “It’s a community to support and empower musicians in finding their tone bandmates, and learning those things that will make a difference down the road.” 

The only thing missing is groupies. is probably the most comprehensive resource for musicians seeking bands that’s out there. And, the more players that build their profiles on the site, the better it’s going to get. Scott Olson has been a friend of for a long time, and we’re not surprised to see him come up with something this cool. If you want to find a band, get out there, and be heard, get over to

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