Four Reasons Why You Should Go Listen to Eye Empire Right Now!

If more people listened to Eye Empire, there would be world peace, dogs and cats would get along, and that girl that you’ve been staring at would finally go out with you. Part of the Stuck Mojo lineage that includes such bands as Sevendust and Stereomud, Eye Empire mixes vocal melody, chunky rhythms , and shredding solos with such brutal elegance that you don’t know if you should weep at the beauty of it all or find the nearest piece of furniture and destroy it. Either way, here is a list of 10 reasons to go listen to Eye Empire right freaking now!


1 – Seven Degrees to Stuck Mojo:

If you don’t know your music history, Stuck Mojo was a band from Atlanta that formed in the early 90’s with the sole purpose of crushing heads with songs that combined groove, funk, metal, and rap. Putting all of these genres in a blender, Stuck Mojo was able to create a metal-milkshake that was like a punch to the throat. The Georgia metal band was the grandpappy to bands like Dark New Day, Sevendust, and, you guessed it, Eye Empire. Corey Lowery was the bass player/backing vocalist for both Stuck Mojo and Eye Empire. He is also brothers with Clint Lowery, the guitar player from Sevendust. Clint and Corey also both played in the band Dark New Day, which was the band that showed that metal was the life blood of the Lowery name.


Clint and Corey Lowery

2 – Seven Degrees to… well…Sevendust: 

Besides for having a familial relationship with Sevendust, which I imagine makes for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner, Sevendust members Lajon Witherspoon and Morgan Rose both contributed to Eye Empire’s debut Moment of Impact. Lajon sings on the song Victim (of the System), which automatically gives you reason to listen to it. Morgan Rose, Sevendust’s drummer, plays on I Pray. Which is why while you’re listening to it, you’ll feel the sensation of your ear holes being filled with awesomeness.


3: Their Shows Sound Exactly Like the Album:

Ever listened to an album and been so stoked about seeing the band that you nearly pissed yourself. Then when you got to the show, the singer sounded like he swallowed a cat and the guitar player had forgotten to tune his guitar. Now, I saw them play at some local shithole and they sounded better than the last time I saw Metallica. The rhythms are tight, the vocals are spot on, and the leads freaking kill.


4: They Play Small Clubs/and They’re Damn Good at it:

Paying $45 bucks for tickets so you can sit in the nose-bleed seats and see a band through a pair of binoculars Sucks! The small club thing is making a comeback. With big-name national acts unable to fill arena seating or barely breaking in festivals, many bands are opting for smaller clubs. The thing is, they’re not all good at it. Playing an arena and a club aren’t the same thing – or so I’ve been told. Some bands that are used to playing the venues are having a difficult time making the adjustment to 500 seat houses. They don’t know how to get the crowd going. They move awkwardly on smaller stages. And, they’re used to a certain amount of pampering that the small venues can’t provide. Eye Empire has a reputation of not only sounding amazing in the clubs, but being totally cool to their fans. Which makes sense since all of these guys are veterans of the small club circuit. Sure, they’ve hit more than their fair share of big shows, but they are masters at the making a show at the local club rival that of most national arena shows.

Do yourself a favor, check out this band right freaking now!











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