Bugera 1960 vs. Marshall 1959 Plexi Amp Demo Review Shoot-out TTK Style

BEFORE you pick a winner – READ THIS : I truly think this video, althought a shoot-out is less about winning and loosing. The truth is, there are soooo many renditions of a Plexi circuit, it’s almost unfair to say which is better. Here’s the message : Finally, there’s a Plexi that’s affordable, versus the $2k and over alternatives. Plus – I BET there will be lots of mods that will surface on the net, making this a helluva amp! This is probably as baseline as an amp gets – which is super flexible. It can run clean, it can run cranked, it has the FX loop, so you can use your multiFX to tap into the power section. You can blend channels, or you can do the old fashioned ‘drive it hard, right in the front’, w/ your favorite OD pedal. So, with that said – LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE VIDEO – and pleaes, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for your support.

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