How Background Music in a Video Affects the Mind of Viewers

The Importance of Music


Creating Youtube videos for people to enjoy can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you’re doing vlogs, commentating over video games, or even reacting to other content creators on the platform, the satisfaction you get from getting views can be intoxicating. There is something about receiving that recognition for all of your hard work. What if there was a simple change that you could make to your videos to improve your viewer’s experiences? Well placed background music could be the thing that sets you on the right track. Using royalty-free music can do all of that without the risk of having your video flagged for a copyright claim.

The Advantages of Background Music


Have you honestly considered the impact that music has on viewer engagement? There is a psychological effect that music has on people. Silence is awkward and makes viewers uncomfortable if it lasts for too long. Having background music in your videos makes the points in time when you aren’t speaking more bearable. You can do so many creative things with the right music selection. It can be a lot of fun finding that perfect song for that perfect moment. Your viewers will appreciate it, and keeping your audience engaged is the name of the game when you’re creating content on Youtube.

Emotional Impact


The type of music that you use in your videos is important. You can make your viewers experience various emotions through music alone. You may not even be fully aware of the effect that music is having on you when you watch content from other YouTubers online. Whenever you’re talking about a serious issue the music you choose can drive that home for your viewers. If you’re doing something exciting, you can make the moment seem even more intense with a musical build-up that hits the climax right as the best part is happening. These are just a couple of examples of how you can properly use background music to set the tone.

The Setting


Music doesn’t just make an impact on viewers emotionally. You can use music creatively to portray what point in time your video takes place in. If you are doing a scene for a sketch that’s based on the old west, you can play music reminiscent of the songs in your favorite spaghetti western. Your music choice can further immerse your audience in the scene. You want to make your viewers believe that you’re there and music is one of the best ways to achieve that.



The best thing about music, in general, is all of the different styles there are to choose from. If you have never browsed through a royalty free music library you should. The variety of different genres might surprise you. Everything from chill hip-hop beats to epic symphonic ballads can be found in these libraries. Whether you are looking for a great song for your intro or outro, or you just need that perfect composition for some B-roll footage, you will find it. There is something for every situation that may come up in your video creating process.

Play It Safe


You see YouTubers playing copyrighted music in their videos all the time. They will jokingly make claims about playing the song for a few seconds so that the Content ID system won’t pick it up. It may seem like you can get away with the same thing but what if you don’t? Do you think that it’s worth the risk of having your video muted, demonetized, or even removed entirely from the site? The beauty of royalty-free music is avoiding that possibility altogether. Why even take the chance when there are so many great songs that you can choose from in a royalty-free library? If you get caught using copyrighted music or work out a deal with the copyright owner the price you pay will most likely not be worth it.


Royalty-free music is a powerful tool to use in your videos. If you haven’t made up your mind on whether or not it’s worth it, give it a try and see for yourself how amazing it can be.


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