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Who is James Brown?

Sponsors of this video : Bullet Cable, Dean Guitars, Dime Amps
Sponsors of the event : Bullet Cable, Dean Guitars, Dime Amps, ESP Guitars, Orange Amps

Bullet Cable
– Slug Kit (As used in this video)
– Coil Cable (as used in this video)

Dean Guitars
– Dean Deceiver Series (as seen in this video)

Line 6

Dime Amps
– Dime D100C Amp (as used in this video)


Dime Amp Combo Speaker out going into Eminence Tone Center — into Legend V128 Speaker

Everything Mic’d up using Blue en-Core 100i Series Microphones
(2 mic’s — one in the cone — 2nd 16″ away from cone)

Vocals Blue en-CORE 100

NAMM 2012 ’12 NAMM12 NAMM’12

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