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If your guitar is the brush, then your amp has to be your paint. Amplifiers can either limit you or expand the spectrum from which you can create your masterpiece. If Da Vinci were a shredder, he’d play a VYPYR. Peavey’s VYPYR VIP Series Modeling Amplifier gives players so many options that the only limitations they have are their own imaginations. Recently, TheToneKing.com had a chance to take the VYPYR VIP for a test drive to see what players have to look forward to from the innovators from Peavey.

Say it with me, “Variable Instrument Performance.”

What does it mean? It means that the Peavey VYPYR VIP is essentially an Electric guitar modeling amp, an Acoustic guitar modeling amp, and Bass guitar modeling amp all rolled into one 17.5” squared box.

Is your modeling amp made for Electric, Bass, and Acoustic?


That’s too bad.

Modeling’s been around a long time. It’s hard to believe, but some of those modeling amps are freaking dinosaurs. They haven’t changed. They’ve been using the same technology with little to no innovation for years. With how far Peavey has evolved with the VYPYR Series, those dinosaurs might finally die out.

Look. Players need versatility. Today, players are looping, recording, laying down tracks and simply doing all the things that were impossible yesterday. And, if you can find one amp that can work with Electric, Acoustic, and Bass, you’re ready to kick ass and take some names. Peavey’s VYPYR VIP not only works with these three instrument types but does so with ease. Whether it’s hard-hitting bass compression, well-balanced Acoustic EQ, or a full palette of guitar tones and effects for electric guitar, the VYPYR can handle it without any downloading or additional equipment.

The VYPYR Series comes in 20, 40, or 100-Watt models, and up to 400 presets. All VYPYR amps have 25 amp accessible effects (36 models, 6 bass models, 6 acoustic models) Looper, Delay/Reverb with tap tempo, and a bi-directional USB in/out for recording are just a few more of the VYPYR’s features. And, everything is on-board, meaning that you don’t have to download any patches, extensions, or whatever from the interwebs to get what you want. It’s all there at the twist of a knob. You can twist your knob, can’t you?

Looking under the hood, you’d be amazed at what went into this little box. 32-bit, floating point SHARC processors and Peavey’s own patented Transtube analog circuitry work together to produce state of the art amp and effect models.

Usually when players bitch about digital, they’re talking about gain. And, who can blame them. Thin, brittle, and completely without warmth is really all you can expect from a digital gain circuit. Many modeling amps will simply try to emulate analog gain circuits with digital. And, that’s like trying to put lipstick on a pig and take it to prom. It might get some laughs, but most of those laughs will be directed at you. That’s why Peavey’s gain circuit is all analog baby! The VYPYR Series is engineered to give players the best features, the best tone, and the best price.

The VYPYR will kick ass live, but it’s got you covered in your home studio as well. These are the days that everybody and their mother has a home recording studio. Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar can be used with your favorite recording interface to get the tones that you’re looking for.

Peavey has been on the forefront of guitar innovation since 1965. Which is why you’ve seen TheToneKing.com interview Mr. Hartley Peavey over and over again, asking his thoughts about his company and the industry as a whole. Peavey has pushed the technological envelope from day one. The VYPYR VIP Series is no different. With the ability to work with Electric, Acoustic, and Bass Guitars, the VYPYR VIP has carved a new path for modeling amplification that will definitely set a new bar in the industry.


Here’s some of the VYPYR Series’ features:

  • 20, 40, and 100 watts = Loud enough to jam and be heard!
  • Acoustic guitar simulation = You gotta have a ballad to get lighters going.
  • Bass guitar Simulation = Bass fo yo face!
  • 10 instrument models including Acoustic guitar simulators, 12-String, Sitar, 7-String, Baritone, Resonator, Electric Violin, Bass Guitar models = Any sound, anywhere.
  • Chromatic Tuner = Tune yo shit!
  • Acoustically ported semi-closed back = A full sounding cabinet, because not all cabinets are created equally
  • Patented TransTube® technology = Great Tone at any level without the digital muck
  • 12 Stompbox models plus delay, reverb, and wah = You know we likes our pedals
  • 16 – 400 Presets = Versatility and… Holy shit! Did they say 400!
  • Specially voiced 8″ or 12” modeling speaker = Lets the presets to shine through
  • 25 amp accessible effects = Cleans shimmer and solos sing
  • 36 on board amp models = Need more than one amp? You got it!
  • 6 bass amp models = Zepplin? Killswitch? Chili Peppers? Yeah, you got it!
  • 6 acoustic amp models = From Johnny Cash to Slash
  • On-board looper – activated with optional Sanpera™ I or II = Because life isn’t complete if we can’t play with ourselves
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) controls = so you don’t have to RTFM.  (Just Google it)
  • Amp accessible real time dual parameter controls = Crank your knobs with no waiting
  • Amp accessible global reverb and delay = Good tone doesn’t come without reverb and delay
  • Tap Tempo = Tap it out!
  • Bi-directional USB – Data – Midi – Audio record out = Plug and play!
  • Aux/MP3/CD input = Jam along with your Walkman. Do they even make those anymore?
  • Studio quality headphone out = Keep quality going into your ears
  • Up to 4 effects simultaneously = Because, sometimes, you need to mix it up a bit
  • Weight Packed: 20.00 lb(9.071 kg)
  • Width Packed: 17.5″(44.45 cm)
  • Height Packed: 17.5″(44.45 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 10″(25.4 cm)


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