Jet City Amplification – A First Look at the JCA20H – TTK Style!

100H_1 So … if you think of Jet City Amplification, you should think of Soldano Amplification.  Why?  Well, aside from the fact that his name is on the amp – he is a co-designer of the line.  It’s no secret – that Michael Soldano is a ninja of amp building, and is among the few who have blessed stage pits w/ his line, even when and while artists have been endorsed by other companies.  PLUS – unlike companies that come out w/ a new model each and every year – it’s his legacy line-up that are still highly desirable best sellers on the market today!  Why?  Well – aside from passion, build quality, etc. – people that play one, typically wind up buying one, and never part from it – b/c it has some of the greatest rock tones going.  Let me tell you – it’s no coincidence that when you play a Soldano, you’ll find yourself right at home w/ some of the greatest rock tones going.  Why?  Because chances are – the stars used and recorded w/ the Soldano line.  In short – it’s a secret weapon in the guitar world.  Period. With the birth of Jet City – a few gear gurus have huddled w/ Mike Soldano to give you a piece of Soldano bliss, complete with an affordable price-tag.  So, if the Soldano name has been out of reach – Jet City is here, and has his stamp of approval on the line.

To see additional coverage of this amp : Join me for the LIVE webcast on 10/30 at 2 minutes to midnight East Coast Time (GMT-5).

Link to the webcast is : In the Jet City Amplification lineup are : JCA20H, JCA100H, Pico Valve, JCA2112RC, JCA5212RC, JCA12S, JCA24S, JCA48S.  More detail on these lines can be found at

TO SEE AND HEAR the JCA20H in HD – click PLAY below!  If you want to be auto-notified of any upcoming coverage, make sure you Subscribe to my YouTube channel : 

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