30 Pedals in 30 Days 2015: MC Systems SYD String Reviver



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When good friend of TheToneKing.com, Tommy Bolan, came to us and said, “You have to freaking check out MC System’s SYD String Reviver!” we were like, “Why the hell do my strings need revivin’ Also, we thought you were going to pick up some beer!” Turns out, like a good friend, Tommy did pick up the beer, and he managed to turn us on to one of the coolest pedals that we’ve seen during this year’s 30 Pedals in 30 Days.

So. Australia is a place. You’ve heard of it. Koalas. Shrimp on the Barbie (Aussies hate that one). Crocodile Dundee (“Now that’s a Knife”)

Why am I bringing up the thunder from down under? Because MC Systems developed their Apollo series of pedals in Australia. Apparently, Australia wasn’t content being awesome in everything else, they decided to take the crown in building pedals as well.

Apollo was, among other things, the Roman god of music. So, if you’re going to name an entire line of pedals after him, they’d better be something special. And MC System definitely delivered something special. Rugged enough to beat over your bassist’s head when he’s getting too drunk and elegant enough to give you some sweet sweet tone when you’re trying to score with the blonde in the front row, the Apollo series gives players everything they need right out of the gate. Fitted with ‘ V­Switch ‘ dynamic true bypass switching, players are able to enable the effect either a little bit or a lot, depending on how hard they stomp. This is applied to an additional effect in the pedal through the second footswitch.

The SYD Reviver, named for the Sydney Airport, of the Apollo series brightens up your strings to bring out the brilliance in either clean or distorted modes. Adding definition either live or in the studio, players will find a new dimension of sound through this pedal. That V-Switch system that I was talking about earlier? Switch one allows two degrees of definition. Hard for clarity. Soft for not so much. The final output boost levels are kicked up a notch through the second footswitch.

All in all, there’s some pretty dynamic shit going down here. MC Systems SYD Reviver is about as colorful as it gets. While we were testing it out, we were taken back by how much was added to our tone. And, when we messed around with the slope control, we were able to round out the top end so that brilliant didn’t necessarily mean brittle. While this is the first time we’ve had a chance to check out a pedal from MC Systems, it definitely won’t be the last for TheToneKing.com.

Thanks again, Tommy. You’re always brining us some new cool shit to check out!


Other Airport Codes / Pedals from MC Systems:

SYD Sydney Airport (Australia)

BSL EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (France) HYBRID CHORUS

BWI Baltimore Washington International (Maryland) DYNAMIC FUZZ

CGN Cologne Bonn Airport (Germany) DYNAMIC DELAY

LAX Los Angeles (California) GLASS CHORUS

LHR Heathrow (London, England) DYNAMIC DISTORTION

LYN Lyon–Bron Airport (France) DYNAMIC PHASER

NKM Nagoya Airfield (Japan) DYNAMIC DRIVE



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