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Welcome to the main landing page of THE FUTURE OF GEAR.


What is The Future of Gear?

The Future of Gear is a documentary where we will uncover the many facets of the music industry piece by piece.  It was born out of a conversation between Marc Johnson (MJ) and I (TTK).  After many late night calls, MJ was convinced that there was one topic that would be most in sync with everything that we stand for here at and The Future of Gear was born.

Knowing that this was a big endeavor, and that we wanted to do it right, we started crowdfunding the project. The deal was, if you donate, you got a copy of The Future of Gear.

Something about that didn’t sit well with us, though.

We realized the value of putting this series of videos together would continue our goal of making a mark in the music industry. We didn’t want to let dollars dictate our interest, our plans, or our passion. So, after many more late night phone calls, every dime that was collected was returned and the fundraiser was cancelled.

In the year since this idea was born, we’ve been working hard on this project while keeping everything going on Now, the first episode of The Future of Gear is up. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We’re hard at work at the next episode, and we will keep going until every corner of the guitar gear industry is covered.

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Be part of our next episode

Although we don’t let dollars dictate what we do, we’re opening it up to raise whatever we can to put towards future episodes. So, if you dig episode #1 (The Future of Gear : Paul Reed Smith | PRS Guitars),  we’re happy to include a special thanks in the credit roll of Episode #2.  Give what you can, and your name will be included in the credits of the next episode.  You can make your donation via Paypal here:


Episode #1: Enjoy!

The best form of thanks you can provide is to share with a fellow guitarist! 






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  1. Jerry says:

    I wish PRS had a advetising link on the top or right side of your website TK . They make Great guitars and amps .

  2. TVLTNT says:

    To my good friend TTK, as well as Marc Johnson…This is without a doubt on what I think could be a scratch on the surface of what is going on behind the scenes in this industry that we love so much.

    I look forward to every and all episodes to come from here on.
    Congrats for taking on your own challenge and getting this info out there for many to see and hear.

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