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When he walked through the doors of his local music store and stood in awe of the same Charvel that Warren DeMartini played with RATT hanging on the wall, The Tone King knew that the two hundred dollars that he had in his pocket would soon be spent and he would be walking out with a brand new guitar. It was when he was twelve and bought that Charvel that he knew that the gear chooses you and it’s not the other way around.

Ever since, The Tone King has always wanted to bring that same experience to other players. After coming home from busting his hump at his 9 to 5 gig, he started putting together gear comparisons on the web. Rather than worry about trying to sell something, The Tone King just played and let everyone else decide what they thought on their own. Always the collector, he had a myriad of different kinds of gear to showcase, and, over the years, he had built up the knowledge to look under the hood of the gear he was playing and explain its inner-workings. Taking notes from his years of experience playing in numerous venues inside and out of his native New York, The Tone King also has a good idea what’s important to the player. It wasn’t long before his YouTube videos went viral and he needed to expand his territory. was born.

When he put his website together, The Tone King wanted to do things his way. He wanted the site to be for the people: He wanted to build a community. Never charging the TTK community and not letting sponsors influence the content of his site, The Tone King continues to fund the site almost entirely out of his own pocket. In addition to his videos, he provides forums where musicians can discuss their own opinions on the gear that he puts out there. As the growing members of the TTK community have discovered, just puts it out there. You have to decide if that gear has chosen you or not.


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  1. Greg Alexander says:

    To The Tone King. On your advice I purchased an Ampeg 100 Guitar and I am, for the most part happy with it……..however that being said the main feature of this guitar was supposed to be the interchangeable pickups………..alas, there are still none available. I still love you but on this one you led me down the happy path,,,,,………………..please help me by finding me a single coil pickup for this fine guitar…….Greg “Xander” Alexander and Long live the TONE KING!!!

  2. Rick Georg says:

    How’s it going TK,
    First off thanks for what you are doing. Saves a shit ton of time slugging it out at music stores to narrow the gear choices to test drive live! I’m new to site……but wondered if you have already done or will do a review on Mercury Magnetics Transformers mods? Maybe a mod to a Fender, Marshall and Boogie for sake of argument on big three? Love to hear the differences in these gems updated with a Mercury set installed?
    Thanks and Rock On!

  3. Tubefactor says:

    Just discovered the KING this day…nice review of the Randall Isolation Cabinet…useful, intelligent commentary right through. An amazing backline of amplifiers in the shot and decent enough chops for a meaningful review. I am a new fan.


  4. Bob Denver says:

    Another gear-head with no talent tries to live viciously by harassing actual musicians. And rather shitty musicians. Sad.

  5. Mr Tone King,,,,,I rewatched your review of the Ampeg 100 interchangeable pickup guitar. I bought one….Nice guitar but the interchangable pickup system is a 100% joke I have tried to contact Ampeg and was told to contact Armstrong…..the bottom line is there are NOT any pickups to change. It is a good idea but didnt pan out, I wish you would do another review and tell it like it is. I am not in any way saying you knew this but now you do. Please dont let another person get ripped off like I did. Still love and trust you and your opinion……..Thanks Tone king…..You Rock 100% Greg Xander Alexander PS I have played and collected guitars for 35 years I have owned over 100 electrics and as of now own 29. I know my shit

  6. Soumojit sarkar says:

    hello,sir this soumojit n I want to abt guitar processors. I hv a me70, bt its
    Dead now. So I wnt to abt line6 pod300, rp255 n rp500, vox tonelab le ,odels. Also want to how they are comfortable for live stage. With 2 footswitch is rp 255 easy for change tone instanly.
    Pls rely soon

  7. Ric says:

    I stumbled on youre Youtubes a couple years ago and have been a fan ever since.
    Id like too see a lunchbox tube amp shoot out with the Egnater Tweaker 15 vs The Vox Night Train vs Orange TT vs Marshall Haze 15.
    The Tweaker actually covers more than the Rebel 20 Imho and would/could/should be a contender in the Top 10 mini tube amps..
    Great work and keep the gear rollin.

  8. Mike says:

    Hi – I’ve been watching your video reviews for quite a while and really enjoy them. Thanks for taking the time. One question that I cannot find the answer to on your site… Have you EVER published a catalog of your personal gear? I’d be interested to see.

  9. Jerry says:

    Could you tell me what the best locking tuning machines are for 3+3 and 6 inline . Thxs T.K.


  10. Jorge says:

    Hi King, I think that a comparison between TA15 from Mesa and Gigmaster 15 from ENGL will be great. Besides that, the low wattage guitar amps are ruling, so why not do a review of Blackstar HT-5H ?

    Here in Brazil there’s a manufacter, Meteoro Amplifiers, and they lauch an 7W tube combo called Dynamic MGV7, 2 chanels, 3x 6BQ7 and 2x EL84, 12” speaker, Loop and reverb.

    It’s look like very good and I think it could got a good review. Perhaps Meteoro cold send you one. I want to clarify that I don’t have relationship or business with Meteoro, I’m only a guitar review enthusiastic.

    Thanks for your time,


  11. Richard says:

    I need you help!!! Since you were at NAMM. I wanted your opinion on which amp is better. The Mesa Transatlantic or the Carvin V3M. I am looking at purchansing one of these amps.


  12. Max says:

    You have cool and helpfull reviews! It would be awesome if you had a review on different guitar cabinet elements..

  13. Stefane says:

    hey, i’ve trying to hunt down inforamation on the dean mach 7 and i’m finding nothing, i was just wondering if you had any info on it? btw your reviews are sweet!

  14. TJ says:

    Can you do a demo/review of Schecter’s V-1 Korina guitar?
    Cause that would be cool if you did, dude. Thanks, TJ

  15. Nicholas says:

    Hey TTK, thank you for all your reviews, they are great and very helpful.

    Hey I wanted to request that you try to get an ENGL Fireball kinda tone out a spider valve, like you did with the 5105. I would like to see how close you get to it.

  16. Anyway, worthwhile posting not to mention devoid of that necessary turn-off of condescension. Thank you and luv….Angela *wink*

  17. Antonio Velazquez says:

    Hello Im Antonio Velazquez, from Puerto Rico -USA, I wanted to say that I’m suscribed to your YOUTUBE channel and its great.

    I would like to see a review of the trem king tremolo, and if you compare it to a standard tremolo from a strat. Im curious to know the difference of each tremolo.

  18. David says:

    TK — Kudos go out to you for ‘Keepin it REAL’ on that LTD guitar review. People need to know this stuff before they lay down their hard earned cash. Especially in this economy.
    It’s ridiculous to have to put out more money on a brand new out of the box guitar just to make it playable.

    Thanks for the Heads Up on that one !

  19. David says:

    TK —- Please do a review of your Carvin CS-6 guitar.
    It just looks awesome with that quilt top.
    I’d really like to know if you like it a lot or, if it’s
    just OK and nothing to get excited about ?



  20. Jǫtunn says:

    Hey TK. I have a 6505+ 112 combo at my apartment and I’m trying to get the gain and punch out of it at bedroom noise levels, but can’t get post gain to more than 1+, since it’s getting loud and I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. Would you recommend a THD Hotplate so that I can crank it a bit or just an overdrive pedal to get that gain at my current volume? What would suit me best? Please, gimme some advice, I’m in desperate need of help, since I can’t get my tone by any means :(

  21. Ike says:


    HELP. im trying to buy an amp and nobody, including yourself can show me a review that will test what i want to see. for example, i am trying to decide between a bugera v22 and a jet city 20watt. nobody will show me how a single channel plays clean LOUDLY (when it breaks up), what the amps sounds like when pedals are on, and then switched off, and use diferent effects. IE – real life scenarios.

    for example, hook a pedal to it, play clean, play dirty, play metal: analysis

    single channel amp and crank it on clean? can it stay clean? how much till it overdrives?

    basically real life scenarios. everybody does, channel 1 channel 2, reverb done. BORING.


  22. Jorge says:

    Dear Tone King,

    I’m from Brazil and I’ve 42 years old. I’m learning to play guitar. I have a Gibson SG Standand. I like hard rock and heavy metal.

    Now I’m looking for a amp tube head.

    I saw a lot of your reviews and tests, but you did a mistake: The Randall amps aren’t made in the USA. They’re made overseas. They project and test the amps in USA.

    I know that because I was interested in the Randall RM20H (because the gear test RM20H x Marshall Haze 15) and send a e-mail to Randall.

    If you want I could sent you the Randall’s e-mail telling me that.

    Thank you, and rock on !!!

  23. Joshua Bennefield says:

    hello TTK

    i seen that you have a jackson jx 3 preamp as well was curious if you had a manaul for it and if you would email me a copy and probally a stupid question but when i run the jx 3 on the front of my blue voodoo 120 are the 2 other tubes in the jackson helping my distortion by running with the 4 tubes that are in the head?

    and also wanted to mention to you that you should try a creepy fingers fuzz pedal there great the bass player from fu manchu makes them.


  24. juan jose says:

    hey is that 12:00 east time west time

  25. Tom Stansberry says:

    Hi there TK.
    I think the JCA20H rules. I may not have the sadest why I need the amp story, but i do need it. I picked up the last one guitar center denver had around dec.20th
    I was trying to decide between that and the HT5 from Blackstar. Needless to say the JCA20H was the one i had to have. Well after using it (alot) it is my 2nd favorite piece of gear, my 1976 exploror is my 1st.
    I would like another one to run them stereo and to get a little more S.P.L. I just rewired my cabinet to do that should i get another one. Like I said, its not a sad i need this thing story but i do need it and i am a huge Jet City fan now. Hook me up please!

  26. Vhoot says:

    I hope this is where I post for the Jet City amp competition. I’m from Seattle, WA and I’m just in the process of looking for my first tube amp. It would be my honor and pleasure to have something local.

  27. Larry says:

    hey i like to know how the Am100 works, can you make a short video of the sound it makes. before i buy one!

  28. 5 Dead Years says:

    Hey Tone King!!!! I need to find an amp that stays clean at high volumes with little to no breakup, but under $1,000.

  29. Mahly says:

    Hey Tone king!
    Great job on all the reviews. I do I have suggestion though.
    Invest a little cash into a proper mic set up running into your camera (if capable) or into your computer overdub the sound in an editor (only takes a few minutes)so we can hear what is really going on….not just what the little camcorder mic gives us

  30. Alex says:

    Hey Tone King! I was wondering how a bass sounds through a Bugera 1960, cna it be done? I play classic rock and i’m really trying to get the tone of the late 60′s and as you know, all the bassists played marshall plexis. could the 1960 do it?

  31. Matt says:

    I would really like to see a shootout between the Bugera v22 and the peavey windsor studio.

  32. andrew says:

    your youtube videos are awesome, you really know what your talking about, i was wondering what your opinion is on the Laney gh50l head through the laney 212 speaker cab. i’ve been trying to find a good power tube amp for my band. we play thrash/death metal so good high gain is necessary, thank you for your time. and i’m on a budget with the amps so prices like $2000 mesa’s or bogners isnt an option for me.

  33. Brent says:

    Hello and thanks for your Youtube videos! Hard to find anyone understandable these days :) Can you tell me if there’s any noticeable benefit or improvement of the Behringer NR300 over the NR100?

  34. Dave says:

    Does anybody know in witch year bugera was introduced.

    Greetings Dave

  35. Ryan says:

    Hey TK,

    I’ve been searching everywhere for a the best tube amp for under $500 and I haven’t had luck with any of the ones I have bought (and returned) so far. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a Bugera V-22, but I’m waiting for a local shop to get it in stock. However, I’m hesitant because of the bad reviews about Bugera reliability. Someone just told me that I should try out the Crate v18 because they sound nice, they’re made in the USA, and they’re reliable. I play a Gibson SG and a homemade Strat-like Guitar. Which amp would you recommend: The Bugera v22 or the Crate v18 (or any others I may not have considered)? I love the reviews. Keep them coming!


  36. jimmie-ingram says:

    Ienjoyed article on pedal order.Iknow overdrive comes before modulation,then comes equalizer.Do I put noise suppresor before or after equalizer?In what order would you put tremolo,flanger,phase shifter,chorus,delay.Iwould like to run chorus and such through effects loop,can you please explain how to.Thankyou.

  37. Dennis says:

    Well I just recieved My Bugera 1990 head and I love it.. sounds great I would just like to take a minute to thank you for all your work and advice on the Bugera line and the other videos. I check daily to see what you got goin for that day. I realy would like to think you for the sound advice…no pun intended….I was not disapointed. thank you very much and I hope all of us out here watching you and lisening to your advice will do so for some time to come….ROCK ON……OLe KING OF THE TONE..”LONG LIVE THE KING”..:)

  38. mherndon says:

    How do you afford to buy all that equipment? You have a fortune sitting there!

  39. Pete says:

    Can you do a head to head of the Bugera 333 and 333XL. What is your opion of the two, what are the differences and which one do you like?

  40. Joey R. says:

    Hey TK… If you could do a video review of the Carvin Legacy Head, the first version. That would be awesome!!!

    Thanks, keep rockin!!!

  41. CharlesBenson says:

    Hey dude email me back I was wondering what your opinion on the amp and cab models of the RP 1000 are and do you think it sounds good threw a live amp set up. you can email me or message me back on my youtube name akoo69.
    Thanks and God bless

  42. beethovenmetalhead says:

    hi TTK,
    im going for a cool pro metal guitar
    i saw a lot of models and i think there are some things that make a cool metal guitar: EMGs, mahagony body, neck-thr designe etc.
    what is the diference btw les paul prophecy ex for 1400$ and esp ltd ec 1000 for 750-800$. exept the price :D. And is the esp good because i realy like it(maby the only bad thing is its set-neck)
    (sorry for any mistakes)
    ROCK ON !

  43. Bill bruns says:

    Are the Randall V2 and T2 good all round amps? I hear alot of guys playing metal but very few playing clean, jazz, blues, classic rock.

    Are these amps good for thoses styles of music?

  44. Carlos says:

    Tone King, Have u heard of ceriatone amps?

  45. stymye says:

    you can keep up with gear giveaways at

  46. GREG says:

    HI I HAVE BOTH 1960&1990 BUGERA AMP HEADS I WAS READING ABOUT SWITCHING THE TRANSFORMERS TO THE MARSHALL MODEL #40 -18026 can i put these output transformers in both amps and do i leave the el34b power tubes in the 1960 or switch them to standard. last question is switching out the transformers all i need to do thanks TTK. Greg

  47. Dougie Styletone says:

    TK – I really enjoy your gear reviews on youtube – keep up the good work. As far as the Bugera 1960 and 1990 – I’m a little torn as to which one to get. I like the Angus Young tone, but also will put a Boss MT-2 and/or a Digitech Hot Head in front of my amp. Which one do you recommend for my purposes. I kind of prefer the looks of the 1960, but that only goes so far. I need the Tone King’s advice. Thanks. DS

  48. Seth Allen says:

    I’ve always been a Randall fan witch do you think would be a better RH300 or T2 head

  49. Dennis says:

    Hello TK
    Just hought i would ask you a few questions about the Bugera heads..Iv only owned one other tube head it was a Create 120 blue voodoo..with 6l6 tubes and 12ax7 pre and I dident like it ..had no bottom ROAR..I’m thinking about the Bugera the 1960..I like to play hard or classic rock and HM..and the odd beatles tune do you think the 1960 would be the best fit..Although I have see just about all of the Bugera vids “thanks much”
    will i be satisfied with the plexi without the Mod..and Iam in IL. can you recomend a place to get the mod done and How much did it cost..sorry if i rabbled….thanks Dennis

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