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When he walked through the doors of his local music store and stood in awe of the same Charvel that Warren DeMartini played with RATT hanging on the wall, The Tone King knew that the two hundred dollars that he had in his pocket would soon be spent and he would be walking out with a brand new guitar. It was when he was twelve and bought that Charvel that he knew that the gear chooses you and it’s not the other way around.

Ever since, The Tone King has always wanted to bring that same experience to other players. After coming home from busting his hump at his 9 to 5 gig, he started putting together gear comparisons on the web. Rather than worry about trying to sell something, The Tone King just played and let everyone else decide what they thought on their own. Always the collector, he had a myriad of different kinds of gear to showcase, and, over the years, he had built up the knowledge to look under the hood of the gear he was playing and explain its inner-workings. Taking notes from his years of experience playing in numerous venues inside and out of his native New York, The Tone King also has a good idea what’s important to the player. It wasn’t long before his YouTube videos went viral and he needed to expand his territory. was born.

When he put his website together, The Tone King wanted to do things his way. He wanted the site to be for the people: He wanted to build a community. Never charging the TTK community and not letting sponsors influence the content of his site, The Tone King continues to fund the site almost entirely out of his own pocket. In addition to his videos, he provides forums where musicians can discuss their own opinions on the gear that he puts out there. As the growing members of the TTK community have discovered, just puts it out there. You have to decide if that gear has chosen you or not.









Snail Mail

  • The Tone King
  • 9 Taylors Mills Road, Suite 913
  • Manalapan, New Jersey 07726

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