Combo Amp Buyer’s Guide : What to look for : Peavey ValveKing


Meet the Peavey Valve King 20w EL84 All Tube based Combo Amp. Learn about the items to look for when purchasing your next combo amp, and find out the things that I personally look for. Hint : these features are not even advertised, making it that much more special! Enjoy …

Peavey Valve King II :

TTK’s Write-Up on the Peavey ValveKing :

Interview with Mr. Hartley Peavey :



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  1. Mark Stanford says:

    Good review. I looked at both this amp and the Fender Blues Jr and went with the Fender. I regret it in a way as I now believe the Peavy VK 20 watter is the better of the two. More features for the price. The Blues Jr is a very good amp, but I like the effects loop and the attenuation feature on the VK.
    I also looked at the 20 watt head as I do have a 2×12 Bugera cab that I like.
    What is the difference in the two (head and combo)? I am asking as I may go ahead and buy the Peavy when I get the chance.

    Thanks and keep up the good work. I look forward to each and every video – Mark

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