WINNER of Give-Away & TTK Killer Deal Alert : Four Force EM-1 Amp

FourForce.US : TTK Killer Deal Set at : $109.99
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Congrats to Brian who commented :

When I first saw this amp, I wondered what was behind the looks of it, besides an effort to set it apart from the crowd. To me, it kind of looked like a space heater! Once I heard the interview with Mr. McGillivary, I understood.

When I heard that he was an audiophile and liked vinyl (later in the interview), it all made sense. Of course, the amp sounds great and is incredibly durable and I knew the looks of the amp contributed to those characteristics. But then I realized that the amp’s appearance was much like that of high-end audiophile equipment. The EM-1 is sleek and modern, just like a lot of audiophile equipment out there (which, by the way, costs many times more than the EM-1). Whether it was intentional or not, Mr. McGillivary’s audiophile nature is clearly represented in the EM-1 design.

Now that I understood the mindset of the designer, it makes so much sense. The EM-1 is an amp with high-end, audiophile roots without the audiophile price or fragility. Excellent!


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