Which is the Perfect Guitar to UPGRADE and WHY? Saturday Special!

27:25 – My rules on upgrading a guitar, explained.

TTK LIVE – Saturday Hang Out! Topic : Discussion on my next Guitar Upgrade. FULL TIME STAMPED INDEX BELOW!

0:30 – ESP Evertune Guitar Jam w/ Headrush
2:41 – FIJI Water cheers
5:27 – My Headrush Rigs (TTK Dirty 3)
6:45 – FR FR Speakers
7:30 – Still digging the ESP Evertune
7:45 – Hard to find innovation in MI (Guitar Market)
8:22 – Headrush Patch – TTK Dirty 1 vs.
9:18 – Headrush Patch – TTK Dirty 3
11:35 – Planning on Upgrading a Les Paul Style Guitar
12:00 – PRS S2 – Why Upgrade a PRS S2 ?
12:28 – Seymour Duncan – Whole Lotta Humbucker
14:20 – Big Leg Circuits – Jimmy Page Wiring Kit
18:44 – Analysis Plus – QiJack
23:15 – What is your opinion on upgrading the PRS S2?
24:15 – S2, just like a Gibson Les Paul
25:00 – S2, Best ‘Platform’ Guitar
25:24 – Why I WOULD NOT upgrade a PRS Core
25:30 – Only SOME guitars are upgrade worthy … let me explain.
26:00 – Wife calling
27:25 – My rules on upgrading a guitar, explained.
38:15 – Cheddar Kung Pao – SUPER CHAT – Thank you!!
38:22 – What is my favorite PRS amp?

Looking at 3 products:

►BIG LEG CIRCUITS – JIMMY PAGE Guitar Wiring Harness:

►ANALYSIS PLUS QiJack: https://amzn.to/2uRf7S0
https://www.analysis-plus.com/product/home-audio/connectors/qijack/. (Video from NAMM:

►SEYMOUR DUNCAN: Whole Lotta Humbucker Set SH-18s:
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