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TSVG Pedals ~ Slow Ride OD / DIST / FUZZ Pedal ~ Demo & Review


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TSVG Slow Ride Fuzz Pedal

One foot stands firm in classic tones while the other takes a step into wild new territory.
An acronym for Trolley Square Vintage Guitars, TSVG pedals have been built in the U.S. since day one. Mike Klein started TSVG Pedals in Trolley Square, Delaware in 2011.

AC128 Germanium PNP transistors are a good start

Since the beginning, TSVG had made it their goal to make the pedals that they want to make. Period. As Mike made clear during our interview, “We don’t want build what the market tells us to build. We build it because we think it sounds great.” To do that, TSVG focused their attention on Fuzz boxes, Distortion pedals, and overdrives. And, then pushed those as far as they could go. “I like pedals that break up and do weird things up to your tone.”

The grounding thing. “I like the sound of a positively ground fuzz over a negatively ground fuzz,” Mike explains. Even though he admits that pedals want to be negatively grounded, sometimes it’s best not to give those pedals everything they want.

The Pedal: The Slow Ride FUZZ Pedal
The Slow Ride features three hand selected AC128 transistors, carefully chosen to deliver articulate buzzy fuzz with endless sustain. Use the toggle switch to change the overall body of the tone. Plug it in and stand back!
Sensitivity of the gain (can act like an overdrive, or an all out fuzz).
Useful range of gain.
Switch — changes the bass response. It switches between 2 different input capacitors (one large and one small … brighter or darker, depending on how you like your coffee.

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