Top 5 Guitarists Who Started Their Own Brands Before Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett caused a firestorm on the internet this week when he tweeted something that many of the guitar pedal companies took issue with. Many of them were started by gigging guitarists, passionate about music and their tone, often building pedals for use on their own boards. They had a sound in their heads, but also the skill to bring it into reality! However, even if you take Kirk’s comments to mean “well-known” or “signed” guitarists, there certainly were quite a few before February 2016.

5) Chapman Guitars

Started by YouTube sensation Rob Chapman, Chapman guitars have launched numerous models using their collaborative design process. They’ve also started producing signature models for other guitarists and may soon be expanding into guitar pedals.

4) Authentic Hendrix

Authentic Hendrix, managed by Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix, is the company charged with licensing the Hendrix brand. They’ve partnered to bring out products like the Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah, Fuzz Face, Fender Stratocaster, and even a Gibson S-type guitar (but that’s another story entirely). See Kirk, it’s not so hard, dead people can do it!

3) Les Paul

It started off as a signature model, but the Les Paul guitar has become so ubiquitous that other guitarists now have their own signature Les Paul!

2) Wylde Audio

Launched by fellow metal guitarists Zach Wylde and just in the past year, we’re not sure how Kirk could have overlooked Wylde Audio, unless there was one singular person that his tweet was aimed at.

1) EVH

The EVH brand has grown as big if not bigger than Eddie Van Halen himself. EVH produce everything from Guitars to Amps, Pedals to a complete line of accessories. Like many of the other brands in the list, they’ve so transcended the original guitarist that started them that many other mainstream guitarists use the products too.

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