The TRUTH about TUBES : Guitar Gear Tech Talk : Sept’14 : G2T2


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What is a Tube? Some history on Tubes. 3 main elements of a Tube! Readers digest of how a tube works.
Triode vs. Pentode
Then, key parts of the amp – Pre, Power, Output Transformer.
Address the myth of the power tubes – it is by far NOT the major thing that affects the tone of your amplifier (least important of the significant components of the amp).
Debunk the marketing machine – REAL information coming to you directly from a tube amp manufacturer.

Tech tips from Jason Hook from 5FDP … pay particular position of the first position pre-amp tube!
A well placed, high grade V1 can make a good sound of your amp.
What tube is a good high grade tube? Chinese good. Russian perhaps not the best choice for the 1st position.

Tube Types: preamp, power tubes, 4 major categories : el34 (6ca7), 6l6 (5881), el84, 6550, 6V6 is a baby 6L6.

Factories & Rebrands :
1 Sino China (Sichuan China)
2 JJ Factory (in Slavic Republic)
3 Reflektor Factory (in Russia), owned by New Sensor Corp in the USA (New Sensor is also known as Electro-Harmonix)

Ruby, Svetlana, ElectroHarmonix, Mullard, Tungsol, Sovtek, Winged C, TubeAmpDoctor (TAD), PM, JJ, Groove Tubes, ARS – all ‘Rebranders’.

Rebranders, and understanding in what they do : you are NOT buying ‘their’ tube, you are only buying their quality control!

OEM has approx 50% failure rate (worth more to a company to have a lower failure rate).

ReTubing : When and how frequently should you retube?
Diagnosing Tube Problems.

TRIVIA #1 : What Vox AC4 preamp tube was made popular; what preamp tube is that, and what is the distinction of the 12AX7. Answer : EF86. (Pentode Pre-Amp Tube vs. Dual Triode).
TRIVIA #2 : Often times, if you buy American Made NOS tubes – you will see the designation JAN on the model #. What does that designation mean? Answer : Joint Army Navy – spec’d tubes to withstand hazards from nuclear war, to keep communications up – made to high grade.
TRIVIS QUESTION #3 : Riff City Gift Certificate! RANK the 3 major components amp components to the order of importance to tone :
(a) Pre-amp (b) Output transformer (c) power section

Special thanks to everyone who joined!

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