Shine a Mighty Bright Light

Might Bright’s Portable Lighting Solutions Give Musicians a Versatile Tool for Their Gigbags!

OK, let’s acknowledge the obvious: Mighty Bright‘s line of compact, portable LED lights are not going to do anything for your tone. But, in’s humble opinion, they are a great addition to your rig for a number of reasons.

The Mighty Bright line features four compact, sturdy, clip-on lights that have a multitude of purposes, but are particularly handy for musicians. Mighty Bright sent examples of it’s NuFlex, WonderFlex, and DuoFlex lights. Each features super-long life, dimmable, energy efficient LED lights mounted at the end of a soft, flexible neck that allows a wide range of positioning. A robust, spring-loaded clip keeps the unit securely attached to wherever you need illumination. Included is a soft carrying pouch that makes the entire unit easy to slip into an accessory case of gig bag. Now, you may be saying to yourself at this point, “OK, so it’s a fancy booklight.” Yeah, you could use it as a book light, but comparing it to some around Chateau de Trushack, the Mighty Bright is much more rugged and versatile. The Mighty Bright was, true to its name, brighter with a stronger clip and much more rugged construction. And forget about clipping a book light to anything thicker than a half-inch or so. The Mighty Bright is definitely built for the stage and studio, not Danielle Steel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to play some guitar in a large ensemble. We used charts and sheet music and the organizer recommended everyone bring a music stand. Easy stuff, right? Well, this writer (and many other participants) had not accounted for the environment; a dimly lit hall. Fortunately, the guitar player I was stationed next to was well prepared and had a small flashlight in his gig bag. It took a little bit of inventiveness to get it to shine on the charts the right way (duct tape was involved, if I remember correctly), but it ended up making our performance a lot easier to execute. If I had had a Mighty Bright for that gig, the DuoFlex in particular, we would’ve been up and running in probably five seconds.

Perhaps a music stand is not really part of your normal rig, but this writer will wager that a pedalboard is. This writer will also wager that many of you have pedalboards that look like a mid-sized city in Texas at 30,000 feet; full of twinkling lights and, in a darkened stage environment plenty of shades and indecipherable text under the controls. Even my main pedalboard, which clocks in at a modest five pedals, can use a little extra illumination on a darkened stage. The Mighty Bright’s sturdy, wide clip enables me to attach it snugly and securely, while the soft, flexible goose neck and dimming feature help put the clear LED light right where I need it. I really like the NuFlex for this. It’s sort of like a mini desk lamp that disperse the light nice an evenly, making it much easier for my aging eyes to read the control markings on a pedal in dim stage lighting. The DuoFlex will work great for those of you with pedalboards the size of aircraft carriers.

The WonderFlex didn’t come up short in the utility department either. The most compact of the bunch, I found it extremely handy for executing a speaker change in a 1×12 cabinet. I simply clipped it to the side of the cab (the clip had more than enough range) and then moved it as needed so I could better locate the screws, which blended in with the speaker frame. The easy, hands-free illumination made the swap much less of a headache. I also found it handy when clipped to the top of eight-space rack case. Each model provided clear, shadowless illumination over the entirety of my modest effects rack.

Of course, there are also a ton of non-musical applications you could use these for as well which just makes the Mighty Bright line that much better of a value. Any of the Mighty Bright models will make a great addition to the tool pouch on your gig bag, right next to the multi-tool, spare strings, and gaffer’s tape.




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