Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Cross Comparison Chart

Okay – Boys & Girls – if you’re looking for the MOTHER of all pedal boards ~AND~ Switching systems … look no further, b/c here it is.  Below is the full cross comparison chart of Line 6 Models as found on their M13 Stompbox Modeler. 

  Line 6 Modeled Pedal
1 Tube Echo Maestro EP-1
2 Tube Echo DryThru Maestro EP-1 with dry signal
3 Tape Echo  Maestro EP-3
4 Tape Echo DryThru Maestro EP-3 with dry signal
5 Multi Head Roland RE-101 Space Echo
6 Analog Echo Boss DM2 Analog Delay
7 Analog W/MOD Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory man which is Delay & Chorus
8 Sweep Echo Maestro EP-1 with added sweeping effect
9 Sweep Echo DryThru Sweep Echo with dry signal
10 Lo Res Delay Early (8 bit) digital delay
11 Digital Delay Digital Delay with bass & treble controls (echo)
12 Digital Delay w/MOD Digital Delay with Chorus
13 Stereo Delay L.A. 80’s solo (fast echo with slow delay)
14 Ping Pong 2 channels, ping pong delay effect
15 Reverse backwards delay up to 2 seconds
16 Dynamic Delay T.C. Electronics 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay
17 Auto-Volume Echo Volume fade-in swell (bowing) + tape-style echo modulation
18 Echo Platter Binson EchoRec (think Pink Floyd)
19 Echo Platter DryThru Binson w/ dry thru signal
20 Opto Tremolo 64 Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackfast optical tremolo circuit
21 Bias Tremolo 60 Vox AC-15 Tremolo bias-tube tremolo circuit
22 Pattern Tremolo Lightfood Labs Goatkeeper (vintage keyboard sequencer tremolo)
23 Phaser MXR Phase 90
24 Dual Phaser Mu-Tron Bi-Phase (big jet sound)
25 Panned Phaser Ibanez Flying Pan (4-stage phase shifter w/ panner)
26 Barberpole Phaser modular synths (always up / always down effect / stereo for both)
27 Script Phaser MXR Phase 90 (EVH Ain’t Talking Bout Love)
28 U-Vibe Uni-Vibe (Hendrix Machine Gun)
29 Analog Flanger MXR Flanger
30 Jte Flanger A/DA Flanger
31 AC Flanger MXR Flanger (EVH Unchained)
32 80A Flanger A/DA Flanger (original spec)
33 Analog Chorus Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (big pedal)
34 Tri-Chorus Song Bird DyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus
35 Pitch Vibrato Boss VB-2
36 Panner left / right panning
37 Rotary Drum Fender Vibratone rotating speaker effect (SRV Cold Shot)
38 Rotary Drum & Horn Leslie 145 tube driven rotating speaker
39 Dimension Roland Dimension D (1st true stereo chorus unit)
40 Ring Modulator weird / strange / non-traditional guitar sounds
41 Frequency Shifter up / down / shifted frequencies
42 Tube Drive Chandler Tube Driver (Eric Johnson)
43 Screamer Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808
44 Overdrive DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250 (Yngwie)
45 Classic Distortion ProCo Rat (70’s)
46 Heavy Distortion Boss Metal Zone
47 Color Drive Colorsound Overdriver (British Invasion)
48 Buzz Saw Maestro Fuzz Tone (think Rolling Stones Can’t get no Satisfaction)
49 Facial Fuzz Arbiter Fuzz Face (Hendrix / Johnson)
50 Jumbo Fuzz Vox Tone Bender (Led Zepplin Communication Breakdown)
51 Fuzz Pi Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Muff / Sustainer
52 Jet Fuzz Roland Jet Phaser (Fuzz & Phaser in 1 – Scorpions)
53 Line 6 Drive Colorsound Tone Bender
54 Line 6 Distortion 100% Line 6 over the top distortion
55 Sub Octave Fuzz PAiA Roctave Divider Fuzz / Octave
56 Bass Octaver EBS OctaBass (Jeff Beck)
57 Octave Fuzz Tycobrahe Octavia Classic Fuzz + Octave) Hendrix
58 Boost Comp MXR Micro Amp (The Edge, U2)
59 Volume Pedal Line 6 EX-1
60 Red Comp MXR Dyna Comp (slide / Lowell George)
61 Blue Comp Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer w/ treble off)
62 Blue Comp Treb Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer w/ treble on)
63 Line 6 Vetta Comp Line 6 Flagship Guitar Amp (2.35:1 adj threshold, 12dB gain)
64 Line 6 Vetta Juice Line 6 Flagship Vetta II Juice (30dB of gain)
65 Tube Comp Teletronix LA-2A studio compressor
66 Noise Gate hiss / noise eliminator
67 Graphic EQ MXR ten band (Kerry King / Randy Rhoads)
68 Studio EQ API 550B
69 Parametric EQ high shelf / low shelf / full para eq
70 4 Band Shift EQ lower / higher than standard eq
71 Mid Focus EQ high bass / low pass eq
72 Tron Up MuTron III (envelope up)
73 Tron Down MuTron III (envelope down)
74 Seeker Z-Vex Seek Wah
75 Obi-Wah Oberheim Voltage Controlled Sample & Hold Filter
76 Voice Box Vocoder / Talk Box (Peter Frampton)
77 V-Tron Voice Box / MuTron III – human voice
78 Throbber Electrix Filter Factory
79 Spin Cycle Craig Anderton’s Wah / Anti-Wah
80 Comet Trails Line 6 Engineers on Mountain Dew
81 Slow Filter Swell effect
82 Octisynth Octopus
83 Synth-O-Matic Vintage Analog Synths
84 Attach Synth Korg X911 Guitar Synth
85 Synth String Roland GR700 Guitar Synth
86 Growler R700 meets MuTron III
87 Q Filter Wah parked in 1 position (Mark Knopfler, Brian May)
88 Vetta Wah Vetta II wah
89 Fassel Cry Baby Super w/ Fasel indusctor
90 Weeper Arbiter Cry Baby
91 Chrome Vox V847 Clyde McCoy Wah
92 Chrome Custom Vox V847
93 Throaty RMC Real McCoy 1
94 Conductor Maestro Boomerang
95 Colorful Colorsound Wah-Fuzz
96 Smart Harmony Eventide H3000 Harmonizer
97 Pitch Glide Digitech Whammy
98 63 Spring  1963 Brown Spring Reverb head unit
99 Spring  Studio Spring Reverb (springs in a metal box)
100 Plate  Studio Plate Reverb (thin metal sheet in a metal box)
101 Room  Acoustic properties of a classic echo chamber.
102 Chamber  Hall, stairwell or elevator shaft reverb type.
103 Hall  Concert hall, gymnasium, performance hall or cathedral (large open space)
104 Ducking  Hall with ducking effect. (Reverb reduced when playing and increases when you stop playing)
105 Octo  Line 6 original – Lush ambient space w/ harmonized decay
106 Cave  Cave echo chamber effect
107 Tile  Acoustic reflections of a tiled room (bathroom or shower)
108 Echo  Lush echo with reverb
109 Particle Verb  Line 6 original – turn your chords into lush modulated pads

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