Help Your Tone Take Flight – Jet City’s Amp Factory Puts You in The Pilot’s Seat

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If has learned anything in it’s long relationship with Jet City Amplification, it’s that you shouldn’t take your eyes off of them for a second.  Doug White and company are always bringing new ideas to light, and we’re especially excited about Jet City’s latest: the 22H Custom LTD.


AMPFactory_for_storeThe Jet City line earns rave reviews across the guitar-based internet for delivering great tones at very reasonable prices.  And because guitarists tend to tinker, many players have used Jet City’s amps as platforms.  Thanks to the forward-thinking folks at Jet City, all of that personalization can be experienced from the moment you unbox that new Jet City amp, thanks to a new set of custom options for the 22H head from the Jet City Amp Factory.


Regular readers have seen the Amp Factory in action before, but this time White has introduced a brand new set of mods to give players even more control over the details over their dream amplifier.


Or amplifiers.  Because while we here at usually avoid discussion of price, the price point for Jet City’s latest custom creations are such that, in a majority of cases, you could order two 22H Custom LTDs, each uniquely configured, for the price of one off-the-shelf, non-custom model from loads of other makers.  Even a single 22H Custom LTD with the options maxed out can be had for a ridiculously great price.


At the heart of the 22H Custom LTD mods are the “Hot Rodding” options.  The options are broken down into three categories, each delivering a distinctive flavor straight out of the annals of classic rock tone.  For each option, Jet City tapped two heavyweights in the modding and amplification world: Mark Marshall of M.A.S. and BFG Amplification.


Mark Marshall,

Mark Marshall, a renowned amp modder who has used Jet City amps as one of his primary foundations, became affiliated with Jet City through the company’s Facebook users group.  His Brown Bear mod is based around the famous “Brown” sound, the tone made famous by Eddie Van Halen’s Variac’d and dummy-loaded Marshall amplifiers, but with more gain available.  Mark Marshall’s enhancements to the 22H include a Depth control, a clipping/saturation switch which adds extra gain and compression, and a voicing and shift switches in the tone stack that add versatility and control beyond a standard tone circuit.


BFG Amplification,

White also recruited BFG Amplification, another popular, longtime Jet City aftermarket modder, to bring some of their more aggressive flavors to the party, and BFG has delivered with the “Big Ben” and “RedRum” mods.  The RedRum is a fire-breathing, American-style metal circuit that features the  intensity and depth switches and upgraded coupling caps, while the Big Ben provides similar firepower with a more across-the-pond feel along with depth and saturation switches and upgraded coupling caps, just like the RedRum.


So right off the bat, you can stick with the classic 22H, or choose from three killer twists; a pretty unique concept all by itself.  But the options don’t stop there.  Players can get even deeper into the design, picking among different preamp and power tube brands as well as customizing the output transformer with options for the stock Jet City type or two different models from Mercury Magnetics.


“Transformers – particularly the output transformer – have a great influence on the tone, and dynamics of the amp,” White told  “I think our stock transformers are pretty widely accepted by the market as quite good, and are probably better than most – we didn’t skimp at all. However, an even bigger, more robust transform can be impactful to the amp, and we recognize that. The Mercury products are quite good.  We are coming out with our own after-market upgrades, too.”


Having control over what kind of output transformer installed into your amp really something special and unique.  It’s the key ingredient in getting your sound from the tubes to the speaker, yet tends to be overlooked when it comes to amplifier mods..


And of course, you get to dress it all up and make it your own visually as well as sonically with options for knobs and front panel materials.


As of this writing, Jet City has already sold a boatload of 22H Custom LTDs.  And in the time it took you to read this, another couple probably just hit the production line.  Jet City’s Amp Factory truly puts the player in charge of the assembly line, letting him or her choose their favorite brand of tubes, aesthetics, and tonal soul of his amp without the hassle of taking it to a qualified tech or making his life insurance company (or his bank manager) nervous.  So take a spin over to the Amp Factory website and start building the amp(s) of dreams now!

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