Hello Cello! Tips in Starting a Music Career as a Cellist

So, my daughter started playing Cello in High School.  Here are some tips on starting a music career as a Cellist!  Enjoy …


The internet provided humankind with opportunities that were once considered impossible before – from communicating to anyone from any part of the world to the ability to earn money at home, its endless prospects are yet to be discovered in the next coming years.


The internet has also changed the music industry in various ways. From hiring an instructor to learn an instrument, to being able to learn one through watching videos online. This shift has also led in helping any musician establish their career locally and internationally, such as starting a music career as a cellist. Cellos are known for having a big size that will require you to use your whole body in supporting and playing a cello, thus making it look like it’s hard to play. Starting a music career can start in being a cellist instructor to aspiring cellists and beginners.


Here are some tips that might be useful in starting your career as a musician in this technology-inclined generation:




Having a mindset of a businessman helps you in creating plans and steps in building your career as a cellist. You should be able to know what is it exactly that you want to do and come up with an outline on how this goal can be achieved.


The common mistake of some musicians who are trying to make a living out of music is not setting a goal and just putting themselves out there with no backup plans and whatnot. You’re not just an artist performing in public, but as well as an entrepreneur building your brand for people to patronize.




Always create and nurture a relationship with people that you know will inspire and possibly help you in starting your career as a cellist. As an example, you may play at a friend’s birthday or wedding and there’s likely someone from the audience who’d want to book you for another event.




One of the major factors in starting your career in music is knowing how to sell yourself effectively. From writing effective proposals and letters, you should be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the artists who are trying to strive in the industry as well. It’s ideal to be your own booking agent as this helps you to personally assess how you can better persuade a client to acquire your service.




Through social media, it can be easy for you to gain prospective clients. You may build your own social media page to promote your skills as a cellist and personally engage with customers. Engage in online marketing such as creating your own YouTube channel to showcase your capabilities as a cellist. There are many music artists as of today that booked gigs and even made it big in the industry by just posting covers of popular songs.




It would not hurt to keep a day job while you’re starting your career as a cellist. This day job would help in supporting your expenses in attending gigs and daily living. It’s best that you can still support yourself while continuously gaining experience as a cellist.




Definitely not the least, do not be afraid if your plans will fail, or proposals will be rejected, or if your timeline had not been met the way you see it. There’s no perfect formula in making it big in the industry of music. It takes courage, perseverance, hard work, and appropriate marketing strategies to make a name as a cellist.


If you want to start a music career as a cellist, you must be fully determined in facing challenges while you’re on the beginning. Over time, you’ll be in the knowledge of how the music industry works that will lead you to better strategies in building a stable career.

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